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Gilbert Sexual Assault Attorney

Sex crimes of any kind are harshly punished under Arizona law. The sentencing upon conviction will depend on numerous factors, including the exact charge, the criminal history of the accused, and the circumstances of the alleged offense. When the charge is sexual assault, the consequences are always severe.

A Gilbert sexual assault lawyer works to ensure nothing about your case is left to chance. The skilled attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can thoroughly investigate the chain of events surrounding your charge and tailor an effective defense strategy to the situation.


Sexual assault occurs when someone has sexual intercourse or oral sex with someone else without their permission or consent. The element of lack of consent is core to a sexual assault charge. For example, a person could be charged with sexual assault if they used threats or an illicit substance to compel another person to engage in sexual intercourse.

Regardless of the circumstances that led to a sexual assault accusation, it is essential to retain legal representation from a seasoned Gilbert attorney as soon as possible. The laws and elements surrounding a sexual assault charge are extremely specific in Arizona, and the right defense for such a case will vary depending on the evidence and chain of events involved in the alleged incident.


The sentencing structure for a sexual assault charge will depend on numerous factors. Our experienced lawyers can explain the potential penalties for a specific sexual assault charge based on the defendant’s criminal history, the details of the alleged incident, and the presence of any aggravating or mitigating factors.

For a first-time offender convicted of this crime, sexual assault is categorized as a class 2 felony that can carry a prison term of five years and three months to 14 years—the presumptive sentence is seven years. If someone with one prior felony conviction is convicted of sexual assault, this range can increase to seven to 21 years.

A sexual assault sentence could be increased or decreased if aggravating or mitigating factors are involved. Aggravating factors could be using an accomplice or a deadly weapon to carry out the sexual assault. Mitigating factors could include the alleged offender’s age, mental capacity, or any other elements the court deems relevant.

When sexual assault is perpetrated with a drug, the prison sentence can increase by three years. If the alleged victim is younger than 15, the offense can be categorized as a dangerous crime against a child, which carries harsher potential penalties. When an alleged sexual assault results in severe bodily harm, a conviction could lead to lengthy or even lifelong incarceration.


A conviction for any sex crime can change your life forever. In addition to a lengthy prison sentence and high fines, a conviction for sexual assault could require you to register as a sex offender. This could affect your housing and employment opportunities long after you serve your sentence.

A Gilbert sexual assault lawyer will give your case the attention it deserves and implement a personalized defense strategy. The former prosecutors at Grand Canyon Law Group know how to fight to protect your rights. Contact our firm today to set up a confidential consultation and map out the next steps for your case.

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