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Robbery charges have the potential to upend your life. A conviction could leave you with years in jail, significant fines, and damage to your personal and professional reputation.

If you are facing robbery charges, get in touch with an attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group right away. Our law team can review the circumstances of your case and then advise you about a course of action. Contact a Gilbert robbery lawyer today to get started.


Arizona statutes define robbery, aggravated robbery, and armed robbery as the different types of robbery offenses in the state. Each of these charges carries different penalties and vary in severity.


Robbery is a Class 4 felony in Arizona. According to Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-1902, a robbery occurs when one person takes property from another by using force or threats to dissuade the person from resisting the altercation.

Usually, Class 4 felonies are punishable by between one year and three years and nine months in prison, depending on mitigating and aggravating factors. While mitigating factors such as a defendant’s age can lower a sentence, aggravating factors such as using a weapon can raise it. With no priors, probation is also possible. With one prior felony, the sentence rises to between two years and three months and seven and a half years in prison. With at least two prior felonies, the sentence is between six and 15 years in prison.


An aggravated robbery occurs under the same circumstances as a robbery with at least one accomplice present. Aggravated robbery is a Class 3 felony, with a sentencing range of two years to eight years and nine months.


When robbery involves a deadly weapon, this offense is known as armed robbery, which is a Class 2 felony. With mitigating or aggravating factors, the usual sentencing range is three years minimum and 12 years and six months maximum for armed robbery.

Because the severity of robbery charges is heavily influenced by the presence of mitigating and aggravating factors, it is crucial to work with an attorney who understands the importance of demonstrating mitigating factors in court. By demonstrating that these factors were present in a defendant’s case, a skilled lawyer could get the sentence for a robbery charge in Gilbert reduced significantly.


To refute the prosecutor’s case before the jury, the attorney for the accused will explore several defenses to the charges. Some potential defenses to robbery charges might include:

  • The taking of property was an afterthought; for instance, the perpetrator goes to the victim’s home to pick a fight, knocks the person unconscious, and takes the person’s wallet before leaving
  • The perpetrator has a valid claim to the property taken
  • The person arrested may have been a bystander or witness instead of an accomplice
  • The accused’s alibi checks out
  • Lack of evidence
  • Witnesses are mistaken about the identity of the accused

Having a strong defense against robbery charges makes the difference in the outcome of a criminal case. An experienced Gilbert robbery attorney can work with a defendant to ensure that their defense is solid, and all their bases are covered.


If you are charged with the felony of robbery in Arizona, you are well-advised to act immediately to preserve your rights and start working with an attorney who can advocate for you. A committed Gilbert robbery lawyer can work with you to understand your unique case and develop a defense that is specific to you. To get started, contact our office today. A dedicated member of our team is happy to help you understand your options during a free initial consultation.

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