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Breaking and entering, or burglary, is a serious crime in Arizona. There are three degrees of burglary charges, each carrying a felony designation and prison time.

If you have been accused of breaking and entering, you need a competent Gilbert burglary lawyer on your side. Your freedom depends on having a strong defense, so work with attorneys you know you can trust. Our team at Grand Canyon Law Group has years of experience defending cases like these and will fight tirelessly on your behalf. Call to learn more.


When someone without permission intentionally enters a commercial structure or the fenced yard attached to a commercial or residential structure to commit a felony or steal something, they meet the requirements of third-degree burglary according to Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-1506. A person can also be charged with burglary if they break into a motor vehicle to steal something or commit a felony.

Third-degree burglary is a Class Four felony. The minimum sentence for a first-time offender is one year in prison. With one prior conviction, the minimum sentence is two years and three months, and with two or more priors, the minimum mitigated sentence is six years.

The maximum sentence considering aggravating factors is three years nine months with no priors, seven years six months with one prior, and 15 years in prison with at least two priors.


There are certain factors, called mitigating and aggravating factors, that can reduce or increase an individual’s sentence for a certain offense. Mitigating factors can include the defendant’s age, expression of remorse, aiding an injured victim, playing a minor role in the burglary, and participating under duress. Arizona recognizes at least 27 aggravating factors, and one of them is anything the prosecutor deems relevant. Some aggravating factors include:

  • The perpetrator caused serious injury to someone or used or threatened to use a deadly weapon
  • The burglary was committed in a cruel or heinous way
  • The physical, emotional, or financial harm to the victim was unusual
  • The defendant had a felony record in the past ten years
  • The defendant was paid to commit the burglary
  • An accomplice participated in the burglary

The above reasons are a few the judge can use to increase a prison sentence. A skilled criminal defense attorney in Gilbert can counter these aggravating factors with mitigating circumstances or build a credible argument to refute them.


People can be charged with second-degree burglary, a Class Three felony, if they break into and enter a residential structure to commit theft or any felony intentionally. A residential structure does not have to be inhabited nor fixed to a foundation and could be a motor home.

Generally, the sentencing range for a Class 3 felony is between two years and eight years and nine months with no priors. However, the courts can classify a second-degree burglary as a dangerous offense and impose a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison. If the accused uses a dangerous weapon to commit a second-or-third-degree burglary, the charges will escalate to first or second-degree burglary. A Gilbert attorney can help an individual understand the specific burglary charges they are facing.


First-degree burglary is a Class Two felony. This offense occurs when someone commits a second or third-degree burglary but chooses to take along and keep control of explosives or any weapon capable of causing death or severe injury. Depending on mitigating and aggravating circumstances, and if the accused is a repeat offender, the sentence for first-degree burglary can be anywhere between seven to 35 years in prison.


An attorney can often defend against burglary charges by arguing that the nature of the alleged offense does not fall within the state’s definition of burglary. If the defendant is not in a building, yard, residence, or motor vehicle unlawfully, the case could be dismissed. If the defendant did not intend to commit a theft or felony, the charges could be reduced to trespassing or dismissed. A knowledgeable Gilbert burglary attorney will investigate all facets of a client’s case and work to develop a robust defense on their behalf.


Breaking into a structure could lead to felony charges and prison time. If you are facing charges of this nature, you need an advocate who will put you first and defend your rights. To discuss your case and your defense options with a Gilbert burglary lawyer, contact our office today. A dedicated member of our team can assess your case and help you move forward toward a positive resolution.

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