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Gilbert Vehicular Crime Attorney

Those accused of vehicular crimes rarely intended to injure someone else. Crimes involving cars usually result from an underlying illegal act, such as drunk, impaired, and/or reckless driving or fleeing an accident scene.

If you face criminal charges after an injurious or fatal car accident, your first call should be to a Gilbert vehicular crimes defense lawyer. You have rights in this stressful situation, and a dedicated legal advocate can work to protect them. Handling the case the right way from the beginning can save your way of life.


Various penalties could accompany a vehicular crime conviction, depending on the circumstances and severity of the victim’s injuries. Certain misdemeanors, such as intoxicated driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08, can result in ten days in jail. The most serious homicide cases can lead to decades-long or even life prison terms. The types of vehicular crimes one could be charged for include:

  • Vehicular homicide, in which someone dies in a crash (charged as either first degree, second degree, manslaughter, or negligent homicide)
  • Vehicular aggravated assault, when a motorist recklessly causes another’s injuries
  • Leaving the scene of an accident where someone is injured, whether the fleeing motorist caused the accident or not
  • Driving drunk or high or even impaired by prescription drugs, with charges ranging from a misdemeanor to extreme DUI, to aggravated DUI (a felony)
  • Failing to stop when motorists are aware that police have signaled them to do so
  • Fleeing to elude police (a felony when motorists try to outrun a police vehicle)
  • Endangerment, in which a motorist recklessly endangers someone else in a way that could lead to their death (usually charged as an additional felony with aggravated assault or felony DUI)

These types of charges are serious and could result in incarceration, fines, driving restrictions, or drug and alcohol treatment. At Grand Canyon Law Group, an aggressive defense lawyer will explain all available options for a Gilbert resident facing vehicular crime charges and advise on the best defense strategy for their case, whether they are being charged in a local city Court or heard in Superior or Federal Court in Mesa or downtown Phoenix. We are intimately familiar with the workings of all these courts and prosecuting agencies and how to obtain the best results for our clients.


Those convicted of criminal traffic offenses face various consequences, all of which can be explained more thoroughly by a knowledgeable local attorney. The penalties for driving-related crimes include the following.


Vehicular endangerment is a Class 1 misdemeanor with penalties of six months in jail and a $2,500 fine. If a driver endangers someone else’s life, the charge is raised to a Class 6 felony with a possible prison sentence of six to eighteen months and a fine of at least $750.


Vehicular negligent homicide is a Class 4 felony, punishable by at least 18 months and would likely carry many years in prison because it will very likely be charged as a “dangerous offense”, which makes it prison mandatory (if you lose at trial), and skyrockets the prison terms beyond the normal range of a class 4 felony. The minimum fine for this type of conviction is $150,000.


Vehicular aggravated assault is a Class 3 felony punishable by 30 months to seven years of incarceration, as well as a fine of at least $750. The charges are raised to a Class 2 felony if the aggravated assault is against a law enforcement officer or a victim less than 15 years old. In these scenarios, a conviction is punishable by four to ten years in prison in addition to fines. Again, though, these are almost always “aggravated” by being charged as “dangerous” offenses, resulting in much harsher prison sentences.


People facing charges for vehicular crimes in Arizona have the right to diligent legal representation. Former Deputy County attorneys Ryan McPhie and David Lish are highly-trained and experienced in driving-related cases and have developed an arsenal of strategies to use on a client’s behalf. For example, a skilled defense attorney might investigate the following potential weaknesses in a prosecutor’s case to defend against vehicular criminal charges in Gilbert.

  • Intervening cause
  • Faulty eyewitness testimony
  • Improperly preserved evidence
  • Failure of the police to provide timely legal counsel


Arizona law does not take vehicular crimes lightly. One mistake on the road can escalate from traffic citations and insurance claims to serious criminal charges.

If you are arrested for a vehicular crime, you need an assertive Gilbert vehicular crimes attorney to advocate for your rights and defend your freedom. Call today to schedule your initial consultation with Grand Canyon Law Group.

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