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Gilbert Hit And Run Attorney

Allegations that you committed a hit and run are serious matters. A conviction will create a criminal record and could see you lose your license. On top of this, you face jail time and the loss of your freedom.

Clearly, it is important to fight back against these allegations. Talk with a Gilbert hit and run lawyer today to begin exploring your options for a defense. The skilled attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group could dispute your role in an accident or argue that you were unaware the incident resulted in property damage or physical injury. Regardless of the circumstances, we are prepared to fight for you and your way of life.


For any criminal charge, the District Attorney must be able to show that a defendant violated each element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. As applied to hit and run cases, the prosecution must show that the person violated Arizona Revised Statute § 28-662, which says that a driver must stop at the scene of a crash resulting in any property damage. AZ Rev. Stat. § 28-661 extends this duty to incidents resulting in bodily harm and death.


Convictions in these cases can bring harsh penalties. The law considers hit and runs involving property damage as class 1 misdemeanors. This means that convictions can result in a maximum of six months in jail and fines of up to $2,500.

However, charges for leaving the scene of an accident involving injury or death are felonies. Here, a conviction will likely result in a sentence of up to 12.5 years. The main factor determining the length of the sentence is the extent of the other person’s injuries. Our experienced local attorneys can provide more information about the state’s hit and run laws and the potential penalties for convictions.


Prosecutors always bear the burden of proving the elements of a criminal charge to a jury. However, anyone accused of or under investigation for a hit and run should be proactive in preparing a defense.

One potential defense strategy is to contest one’s involvement in an accident. Police officers may look for a suspect while only having a partial license plate number. By showing that the plate does not match one’s vehicle, it may be possible to end a case before it begins.

However, this will not always be possible. Our Gilbert hit and run lawyers can work to raise reasonable doubt in other ways. For instance, an attorney could dispute the extent of a person’s injuries and their connection to the accident. Grand Canyon Law Group can evaluate the facts of the case and help build a potent defense to allegations that a person fled the scene of an accident.


Hit and runs are serious criminal cases where convictions can bring harsh consequences. If you learn that you are the target of an investigation or have recently been arrested, discussing your rights and legal options with a seasoned attorney is critical.

Some defense strategies work to disprove your presence at the scene of the crash. A lawyer could also allege that another person was driving your vehicle. In other cases, you could work to show that the other person’s injury or property damage was not immediately apparent at the scene and that you were justified in leaving the scene. A Gilbert hit and run lawyer could help decide which defense strategy is best for your situation. Contact Grand Canyon Law Group now to get started.

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