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Gilbert Diversion Programs

If you face the prospect of criminal prosecution, you need to understand all your legal options. You can plead guilty in the hope of receiving a lighter sentence. You also have the option to demand a full trial and force the prosecutor to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

However, another option may be available in some cases. Many prosecutors in Arizona are willing to allow defendants to enter diversion programs. Diversion programs in Gilbert require you to accept responsibility for your actions. However, successfully completing these programs will result in a court dropping the charges, allowing you to move forward with your life. The seasoned attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can provide more information about diversion programs and determine your eligibility.


A diversion program is an alternative to formal criminal prosecution. First, a defendant accepts responsibility for their actions. The court then orders the defendant to enter a program that fits the specifics of their case. The purpose of the program is for the defendant to learn from their mistake and hopefully avoid future legal trouble.

It is important to understand that entering a diversion program is like a contract. If the defendant completes the program to the court’s satisfaction, the court will drop the criminal charges. However, a failure to complete the program will see the case reenter the criminal justice system. Our experienced lawyers can further explain the diversion programs in Gilbert and help a defendant seek entry into one.


Only some people who seek entry into a diversion program will qualify. Arizona Revised Statute § 11-365 says that the prosecutor bringing charges to court has the sole authority to determine a defendant’s eligibility for a diversion program.

The skilled attorneys at our firm could help convince a prosecutor of a person’s need for entry into a diversion program. A good first step is identifying a specific diversion program that fits the case’s profile. Prosecutors in Gilbert can recommend various diversion programs, including:

The lawyers at our Gilbert office can recommend a specific program and work to convince a prosecutor that this is the best choice for the case.


Every accusation of criminal activity must be taken seriously. A conviction could lead to jail time, and even misdemeanor-level cases will create a criminal record that will continue to affect your life for years. Fortunately, there may be options for avoiding incarceration and a permanent criminal record.

Diversion programs in Gilbert help you move forward from your mistakes and learn how to stay out of legal trouble in the future. Completing the program will see the court dismissing the charges. The dedicated attorneys at our firm can help you better understand this process and work to convince prosecutors to allow your entry instead of criminal prosecution. Reach out to Grand Canyon Law Group today to discuss your situation.

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