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Gilbert Vehicular Aggravated Assault Attorney

Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon as a “dangerous offense” can be charged, under certain circumstances, when a driver causes injury to another in an auto accident. Aggravated Assault is a serious felony offense that can be charged under a wide range of facts and circumstances, including an auto accident, usually when a driver is impaired by any substance or driving in a reckless manner.

When an assault is tagged as “aggravated”, it means that it was committed under certain circumstances, turning it into a more serious, felony offense, rather than a misdemeanor assault. One of those circumstances is if an assault is committed with a weapon (like a car), or if there is serious physical injury. In addition, it can be charges with a “dangerous” allegation, using the same basis that makes it “aggravated”, that it was committed with a dangerous instrument or deadly weapon. Vehicular aggravated assault is one of several criminal offenses that does not need to be committed intentionally for person to face serious punishment. It need only be “reckless”.

However, there are multiple defenses and actions that a skilled attorney could use to lessen the penalties assessed by a court or help an alleged offender avoid being charged or convicted altogether. If you are facing criminal charges after a traffic crash that resulted in injury, especially if there are allegations of impairment by any substance while driving, seek dedicated legal support from the attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group. Our Gilbert vehicular aggravated assault lawyers can protect your rights and create an effective defense for the circumstances of your criminal case.


As provided under § 13-1203 of the Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.), a person commits an act of assault if they do one of the following:

  • Intentionally, recklessly, or knowingly physically injure another person
  • Place another in reasonable apprehension of imminent physical injury
  • Knowingly touch a person with the intent to injure, provoke, or insult them

Under A.R.S. § 13-1204, an act of assault can become aggravated in several ways. These include the following circumstances:

  • A dangerous instrument is involved in committing an act of assault
  • An act of assault causes severe physical injuries to another person
  • A person is assaulted while bound or restrained, such that their capacity to resist is substantially impaired
  • The act causes temporary but substantial bodily disfigurement or impairment
  • A simulated dangerous weapon is used to commit an act of assault

Because a motor vehicle may be considered a “dangerous instrument” in committing an act of assault, vehicular aggravated assault is a common charge in Arizona. Our lawyers are experienced in representing vehicular aggravated assault cases in Gilbert and know how to vigorously combat the prosecution.


A person charged with vehicular aggravated assault in Arizona could face severe criminal penalties, as the offense is considered a Class 3 felony. Under A.R.S. § 13-801(A), a conviction as a “dangerous offense” results in a maximum fine of $150,000 or a mandatory prison sentence of five years to 15 years.

If a person is accused of vehicular aggravated assault against a minor under the age of 15 or an officer of the law, the charges become a Class 2 felony under Arizona state law. In these cases, penalties require a prison sentence of 7 to 21 years, a $150,000 fine, or both.


Vehicular aggravated assault is a serious criminal offense with harsh penalties. If you are convicted on these charges, you face sentencing that could impact your freedom and effect the rest of their life.

Because the consequences of a conviction are so severe, it is critical to work with the right lawyer on a strong defense. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our local attorneys are skilled at reviewing the facts of an alleged vehicular aggravated assault to determine any weaknesses or flaws in the prosecution’s case. We are former prosecutors as Deputy County Attorneys. We know how to attack the case against our clients and obtain the best possible outcome for them, regardless of the facts, circumstances, and accusations.

After being accused of vehicular aggravated assault, call Grand Canyon Law Group immediately to help mitigate the penalties and avoid being charged or convicted. A Gilbert vehicular aggravated assault lawyer could be the key to protecting your future prospects and way of life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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