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A criminal conviction of any kind could have a significant impact on your future. Not only would a conviction negatively affect your ability to partake in specific civil duties, but you may find it difficult to live a normal life both personally and professionally. A prostitution conviction could bring about these repercussions without taking immediate legal action.

If you have been charged with engaging in prostitution-related activities, you need the services of our skilled defense attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group. By working with the right Gilbert prostitution lawyer, you give yourself the best

chances at a positive outcome in your case. Call today to begin discussing the details of your case directly with one of our attorneys. David Lish and Ryan McPhie are former Deputy County Attorneys with years of experience in prosecuting and defending nearly all kinds of sex offenses. They know how best to defend these cases.


In Arizona, individuals accused of prostitution do not have to consummate a sexual act to be charged or found guilty. Many times, all it takes is an offer or an agreement to engage in a sexual act, combined with a substantial step toward completing the act, like going to a hotel room or getting into a stranger’s car.

The person accepting money or other valuable consideration in exchange for sex is not the only party who may stand charged with prostitution. The party offering to pay for the act and anyone who plays a role in furthering illegal sexual conduct (e.g., pimping or pandering) may also face charges. Additionally, anyone employed by or operating an enterprise focused on the sex trade may find themselves charged with committing a crime.


Arizona law delivers tough consequences for engaging in lewd activities such as prostitution. The criminal classifications for prostitution and related acts range from a Class One misdemeanor all the way up to a Class Two Felony offense if the crime involves a minor. First-time perpetrators typically receive lighter punishment, but penalties become more severe with each subsequent conviction. Each guilty verdict carries with it a risk of enhanced imprisonment and fines.


The law categorizes prostitution as a Class One misdemeanor for a person’s first three convictions:

  • First offense: a minimum of 15 days in jail
  • Second offense: a minimum of 30 days in jail
  • Third offense: a minimum of 60 days in jail

Fines assessed for Class One misdemeanors can reach as high as $2,500. If a person commits prostitution four or more times, the prosecutor may charge them with a Class Five felony. Sentencing for this offense requires a minimum of 180 days incarceration in jail or state prison and up to $150,000.00 in fines.


Things are not always as they first appear when an arresting officer takes someone into custody. People may get caught up in the sex trade industry involuntarily, and the State recognizes being a victim of sex trafficking as an affirmative defense to a prostitution charge.

Under the right circumstances, your attorney may argue that the authorities tricked you into behaving in a manner that you would not have engaged in otherwise and entrapped you into committing a crime. Whatever the accused’s explanation, you will need an experienced attorney who is willing to put in the time and effort into fighting and beating the charges.


If the authorities have charged you with prostitution or any related offense, the state will employ a trained criminal prosecutor to try to convict you. To combat these allegations, you should hire a seasoned Gilbert prostitution lawyer familiar with the local area and how to defend against these charges. Our team of prostitution attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group will treat you with dignity and fight for the best outcome possible. Contact us today to start building your defense.

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