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If you are facing accusations related to the embezzlement of property, it is essential that you understand what a prosecutor needs to prove to secure a conviction. State law treats an embezzlement case as an allegation of theft. Because of this, it is important to be able to establish your authority to hold the property in question and dispute any accusations of misuse.

If you face these charges, consulting with a Gilbert embezzlement lawyer should be your first priority. The skilled attorneys at the Grand Canyon Law Group can work to develop a defense that best fits your circumstances. This could include working toward a plea deal that aims to avoid lengthy jail time or presenting a defense in court that leads to your acquittal.


The law in Arizona treats embezzlement in the same way as a common theft and follows the same sentencing guidelines. For example, the most prominent factor in determining the severity of a theft charge is the value of the items involved. The same holds true for an embezzlement case.


Some acts of embezzlement are class 1 misdemeanors, which means that a conviction can bring up to six months in jail. However, if the allegedly stolen items have a value of more than $1,000, the case may be charged as a felony. Mitigating factors can bring a sentence as short as four months, but aggravating factors can lengthen this term to two years.


It is important to note that these sentencing rules only apply to people without a criminal record. Prior theft offenses of any kind will make the penalties even harsher. An experienced attorney at our Gilbert office could provide more information about repeat offenses and how this may affect sentencing for embezzlement charges.


While the law treats convictions for theft and embezzlement in the same way, the factors that a prosecutor prove differ significantly. The state’s theft statute under Arizona Revised Statute § 13-1802 does not specifically use the term “embezzlement,” but it does describe behavior that meets the common definition.

Subsection A (2) states that it is theft for a person to convert the services or property of another while that property is in the defendant’s trust or care. An embezzlement charge can result from an employee misusing company property, a financial planner mixing client funds, or a friend taking money meant for a specific purpose and using it for another.

Defenses against embezzlement charges can focus on a defendant’s lack of intent to take the property involved. Another strategy may involve arguing for mistaken ownership. Every case is unique, and a local embezzlement attorney can work to develop a defense that fits the scenario.


Charges that allege embezzlement are serious matters. Any conviction has the potential to result in jail time, and more severe accusations can lead to felony charges that carry mandatory minimum sentences. It is essential to understand the laws regarding embezzlement and build an effective defense.

A Gilbert embezzlement lawyer at the Grand Canyon Law Group can provide the guidance you need to secure a positive outcome. We can work to explain the state’s laws and how they may impact your situation. Our relentless defense attorneys will listen to your side of the story and determine any weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. Reach out to our legal team now to schedule a consultation.

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