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Shoplifting describes offenses that allege taking property from a store without paying for it. Even so, prosecutions and convictions can result even if a defendant never removes anything from a store. In fact, state law says that it is just as illegal to take a step toward shoplifting as it is to actually remove an item from the store. This can lead to confusing situations where people face shoplifting allegations even though they never stole anything.

A Glendale shoplifting lawyer can represent you and fight for your rights if you face these criminal charges. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our seasoned legal team is prepared to explain the state’s shoplifting statute and the behaviors that it prohibits. We are also ready to discuss what a prosecutor needs to prove and what potential penalties you face upon conviction. By working with our dedicated defense attorneys, you can prevent life-changing consequences and protect your way of life.


Regardless of how a shoplifting arrest occurs, the law mandates harsh penalties for a conviction. The factor that determines the severity of these cases is the value of the items allegedly involved.

Most shoplifting cases are Class 1 misdemeanors. This applies when the items have a value of $1,000 or less. Convictions here bring jail sentences of no more than six months, a fine of $2,500, or both. As the value of the items involved in the supposed offense rises, so do the potential penalties.

Shoplifting can also be a felony based on the circumstances of the alleged event. For instance, if a person uses a tool to remove security protections from an item, the offense becomes a Class 4 felony. First felony convictions under this category with mitigating factors may result in a minimum prison sentence of one year. However, aggravating factors could convince a judge to extend the sentence to 3.75 years. Our local shoplifting attorneys work to prevent these severe consequences and protect a defendant’s rights.


The basic concept of shoplifting is that it is illegal to take an item from a store without paying for it. However, state law also includes other examples of illegal activity that can justify an arrest and conviction for shoplifting.

According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-1805, there are five examples of such behaviors that qualify as shoplifting under state law:

  • Concealing an item with the intent to remove it from the store
  • Transferring items between shelves
  • Changing price tags to give an item a lesser value
  • Altering price tags by placing them on other items
  • Any other activity that causes an item to be sold for a lesser price

Regardless of the circumstances of a specific shoplifting case, a Glendale lawyer at our firm can help craft a defense tailored to the situation.


Allegations involving shoplifting can be confusing and stressful. For example, an arrest can occur even if you never removed an item from a store. With many of these cases carrying a mandatory prison sentence, it is crucial to begin forming a defense as quickly as possible.

Working with a Glendale shoplifting lawyer is your best bet for securing a favorable case outcome. The attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group will explain the state’s laws, evaluate the prosecution’s evidence, and form a defense that aims to protect your rights and freedoms. We believe you have a way of life worth saving. Call us today to discuss your situation.

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