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New River Drug Possession Attorney

Drug possession is a commonly charged offense in New River that carries severe legal penalties upon conviction. The stakes you face are high, from jail time to fines to the consequences of having a criminal record. Your first call should be to a skilled attorney who can tirelessly defend you and your future.

A New River drug possession lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group can explain the elements and potential consequences of your charge. When it comes to negotiating a reduction of the potential penalties or even getting the charge dismissed altogether, there is no substitute for steadfast legal counsel.


Arizona law specifically outlines the dangerous drugs, narcotics, and other substances that are illegal to possess. A person could also face charges for possessing a substance that is legal in specific quantities if they have more than that amount.

For instance, having a prescription drug without a valid prescription could also lead to drug possession charges. It is also illegal under state law to possess or use a misbranded drug. For example, a drug containing false information on the label would be considered a misbranded drug.

Some of the most common substances at issue in drug possession charges include but are not limited to:

  • Cocaine
  • Oxycodone
  • Heroin
  • Fentanyl
  • PCP
  • MDMA
  • Methamphetamines

Our New River attorneys can defend a wide range of drug possession charges and explore all options for mitigating the potential penalties.


The penalties attached to a drug possession conviction will depend on the type of substance, the quantity allegedly possessed, and the defendant’s criminal history, among other factors. The skilled lawyers at our firm can explain the penalties associated with a drug possession charge and work to defend against them.

For example, possessing a prescription drug without a prescription is a Class 1 misdemeanor. This offense carries a prison term of up to six months upon conviction, plus fines. On the other hand, possessing a dangerous drug is a Class 4 felony, with a prison term of one to 3.75 years for a first-time conviction. These sentencing ranges increase significantly for repeat offenses, making it crucial for anyone facing drug possession charges in New River to consult a seasoned attorney on their defense.


Some drug possession charges may be misdemeanors, which can still be punishable by prison time and fines. However, many such offenses are felonies with severe potential consequences. In addition to longer prison sentences and higher fines, you face a permanent criminal record that can affect you for years to come.

If convicted, your charge could impact your ability to work certain jobs, be accepted into certain educational institutions, or secure housing. Do not take any chances with your case when the stakes are this high. A New River drug possession lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group will tailor an airtight defense to your situation and fight tirelessly to protect your rights. We believe you have a way of life worth saving. Contact our office today to speak with an attorney about the right defense strategy for your drug possession charge.

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