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New River Prescription Drug Attorney

Arizona law is harsh when it comes to charging and prosecuting substance-related crimes. This includes the wrongful possession, manufacturing, or distribution of prescription drugs. When you face these charges, you need experienced representation from a skilled attorney with a track record of success.

A New River prescription drug lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group knows how to defend your case the right way and preserve your way of life. Even if you are being investigated for a prescription drug offense but have not been formally charged, our team can advise you of your rights and legal options. We will handle all aspects of your case, from reviewing the evidence available to exploring every strategy for mitigating or eliminating the charges against you.


There are multiple situations in which a person can be charged with a prescription drug crime. The circumstances and the defendant’s alleged intentions will significantly impact the penalties they face.

One of the most common charges involves possessing or using a prescription drug without a prescription from an approved provider. Additionally, the following are illegal without the proper licensing:

  • Possessing a prescription drug with the intent to sell it
  • Manufacturing a prescription drug
  • Possessing equipment or chemicals that can be used to make a prescription drug
  • Giving a prescription drug to someone else
  • Using fraud or deceit to secure a prescription drug

Selling, importing, transferring, or transporting prescription drugs are criminal offenses that could also lead to drug trafficking charges. Similarly, making, selling, distributing, using, or possessing a misbranded drug is illegal. Working with a New River attorney will be crucial to securing a favorable case outcome, no matter what prescription drug offense a person faces.


It is essential for those facing prescription drug charges to retain a skilled New River attorney, as even the lowest level of offenses can result in jail time and fines. For instance, possessing or using a misbranded drug is a Class 2 misdemeanor, which carries a prison term of up to four months and fines of up to $750.

Some prescription drug crimes, such as possessing or using a prescription drug without a prescription, are Class 1 misdemeanors. A Class 1 misdemeanor can carry a prison term of up to six months and up to $2,500 in fines. Other prescription drug crimes are felonies, which come with longer prison terms and higher financial penalties.

Possession of a prescription drug with intent to sell is a Class 6 felony punishable by four months to two years behind bars. Manufacturing a misbranded drug is a Class 4 felony, which could mean one to 3.75 years behind bars if convicted. No matter the specific charges, calling Grand Canyon Law Group should be a priority. Our dedicated New River lawyers are former prosecutors who know how to defend against prescription drug charges and protect a person’s freedom.


Building a successful defense strategy does not happen overnight. The sooner you reach out to legal counsel, the sooner we can begin investigating your charges, gathering evidence, and creating an effective plan of attack against the prosecution’s case.

The right approach to seeking a potential reduction or dismissal of your charges will depend on the facts and elements of the case. A New River prescription drug lawyer at our firm will explain your legal options in a confidential, one-on-one consultation. To discuss how we can safeguard your rights and fight for your future, call Grand Canyon Law Group today.

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