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New River Probation Violation Attorney

Probation is an alternative to jail time for people convicted of misdemeanor offenses and many non-violent felonies. Although probation allows you to avoid time behind bars, someone on probation must adhere to its requirements closely. Violating probation could mean being sent to prison to serve your sentence.

When you have been accused of a probation violation, it is critical to get professional legal representation immediately. Resolving the issue effectively is possible with the help of a trusted defense attorney from our firm. A New River probation violation lawyer will work hard to protect your rights and your way of life. Call the Grand Canyon Law Group today to learn more about your legal options.


Judges sentence people to probation, hoping for a rehabilitative effect where they will acquire new skills, better judgment, and learn to avoid situations that could lead to trouble with the police. Probation orders often require an offender to avoid drugs or alcohol, stay away from specific places or people, seek treatment for substance abuse or anger management issues, or go to counseling.

Everyone on probation must follow the terms the judge sets at sentencing. Monitoring of these court-ordered goals and the level of supervision someone on probation faces varies. Some individuals must report to a probation officer regularly, while others must simply go to court every few months to confirm they are making progress.

If a person violates the terms of their probation, a probation officer could rearrest them, or the judge might issue a warrant for their arrest. Our dedicated New River attorneys can help those facing allegations of a probation violation understand their legal options for moving forward in the most effective way possible.


The terms of probation are often extensive, and it could be challenging to absorb and observe all the rules, especially in the beginning. Violating the terms of a protective order, missing a court date or appointment with a probation officer, or skipping or failing a drug test are all examples of probation violations that can result in additional penalties. When a probation officer reports an alleged breach directly to the court, the offender must face the judge and explain their failure to comply with the terms.

Arizona Statutes § 13-901 authorizes the judge to extend the term, add additional conditions, increase the supervision level, or revoke probation. If the judge terminates the probation, the offender must serve a prison sentence. A New River attorney could speak with the judge about any misunderstandings and establish a person has a renewed commitment to obey the terms of probation. They could also assert that the violation was inadvertent and ask for minimal changes to the terms of probation.

Retaining qualified legal representation is key to preserving your freedom. Our team has prior experience as prosecutors and can use this knowledge to get ahead of the arguments the judge may hear against you to build the best defense against an alleged probation violation.


Probation offers a chance to get your life back on track while avoiding serving time behind bars. However, adhering to probation terms is often challenging, and even accidental violations could occur.

A probation violation is a serious matter, but it does not necessarily mean you must go to prison. A New River probation violation lawyer can help you convince your probation officer or the judge that you deserve another chance to succeed. Call today to speak with a seasoned advocate from the Grand Canyon Law Group.

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