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In many situations, you can be charged with and convicted of a crime in Arizona without actually committing an offense. Accusations that you planned and took steps to commit a crime can lead to conspiracy charges, which can be difficult to contest. In these scenarios, you need support from a New River conspiracy lawyer.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, our dedicated defense attorneys have fought and won countless cases for those in your situation. We are prepared to build a defense tailored to your circumstances and advocate for your rights throughout the criminal proceedings.


As defined under Arizona Revised Statutes §13-1003, criminal conspiracy generally has three core components:

  • An agreement between at least two people to commit a specific criminal act
  • Genuine intent to commit the offense or aid in its commission
  • At least one “overt act in furtherance of the offense” by a party to the agreement

In this context, an “overt act” can be anything that moves the plan forward, from purchasing a tool to be used during the offense to taking photos of the area where the offense is to occur.


Suppose someone conspires to commit a crime with their friend, and they know their friend made similar agreements with another person. The first person may be charged for conspiring with all involved parties regardless of whether they know their identities.

If the planned offense is arson, first-degree burglary, or any felony upon someone else’s person, no act in furtherance of the plan is necessary for all involved parties to be convicted of conspiracy.

However, if someone conspires to commit multiple offenses as part of a single agreement or plan, they can only be charged with conspiracy once based on that plan. A New River attorney can further explain these nuances of conspiracy charges and help defend an accused person.


In most situations, a conviction for conspiracy could lead to the same penalties for the most severe offense included in the conspiracy. For example, suppose two people conspire to burglarize a commercial structure by using a crowbar or other dangerous instrument to break in. In that case, they could face penalties commensurate with a class 3 felony, since that is the classification of a first-degree burglary offense.

Conspiracy to commit any offense categorized as a class 1 felony is punishable by a life sentence with no possibility of release until the defendant serves a minimum of 25 years. When the stakes are this high, it is crucial for anyone accused of conspiracy to seek legal representation from a skilled lawyer at our firm.


Even if you never actually committed a crime, accusations that you planned to commit one and took steps to further that plan can be punished just as severely. Your first step in protecting your future and way of life should be to obtain legal counsel from a hardworking attorney.

A dedicated New River conspiracy lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group can provide irreplaceable assistance throughout your case. We are ready to challenge the allegations against you and mitigate the potential penalties. Learn more about how we can fight for you by giving us a call today.

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