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Being convicted of a felony offense in Arizona can lead to steep criminal consequences, including fines and prison time. It can also cause you to lose several civil privileges, such as voting, serving on juries, holding public office, and possessing and purchasing firearms. While some rights may be restored automatically after you meet certain conditions, others will remain restricted unless you successfully apply for restoration.

Getting your rights restored after a felony conviction can be an extremely complicated process with exceptionally high stakes. Help from a seasoned defense attorney can be vital to achieving a positive result from this kind of application. A New River rights restoration lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group can help you regain your rights and get a second chance at life.


Anyone convicted of a felony offense will lose certain civil rights and privileges for the duration of any court-ordered prison or probation terms, regardless of whether they have a history of similar offenses. Suppose a first-time felony offender completes probation or parole or receives an absolute discharge from the state Department of Corrections or the federal Bureau of Prisons while complying with all other conditions of release. In that case, they will have their rights to vote, hold public office, and serve on juries automatically restored.

Notably, this automatic restoration of rights does not include the right to bear arms, which requires a separate application even for first-time offenders. Additionally, anyone required to make restitution payments as a result of their conviction must apply separately for rights restoration if they have not completed those payments by the time they receive an absolute discharge.

Anyone convicted a second or subsequent time for any felony offense must apply separately to restore their civil rights. An experienced New River attorney at our firm can further explain the specific steps for rights restoration during a private consultation.


Many people convicted of felony offenses in Arizona can apply for the restoration of their right to purchase and possess firearms two years after their absolute discharge from any term of incarceration. However, if the felony is considered a “serious offense,” convicted individuals may have to wait ten years after absolute discharge before they can apply for rights restoration, even if the conviction happened in another state.

Anyone convicted of any “dangerous” offense in Arizona or elsewhere will permanently lose their right to own and buy firearms and will never become eligible to apply for rights restoration. Additionally, certain misdemeanor convictions—such as domestic violence—can prevent an Arizona resident from owning or buying firearms under federal law. In this scenario, the only option for rights restoration in New River may be applying to have the relevant conviction “set aside.” Our local rights restoration lawyers can advise on pursuing this option.


Although a felony conviction does not always result in the permanent loss of civil rights, getting those rights back can be challenging. You may need to go through a lengthy and in-depth application process to get your rights back; even a small error or omission could lead to rejection.

Help is available from a New River rights restoration lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group. We believe you have a way of life worth saving, so call us today to discuss your options.

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