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Many people think of perjury as lying in testimony during a trial. While this is one example of perjury, people often make statements under oath or penalty of perjury in other contexts. Making a false statement in any sworn declaration or document is perjury.

People sometimes underestimate the significance of a perjury conviction and try to handle the matter without consulting an attorney. However, doing so could be a critical mistake. Perjury is a felony with significant consequences upon conviction. You need a New River perjury lawyer to mount a vigorous defense and fight tirelessly for your best interests. Contact the skilled attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group today to learn how we can protect your future.


Arizona Revised Statute §13-2702 describes perjury as providing a material false sworn statement or an unsworn false declaration, knowing it is untrue. The statute applies to statements in court testimony and documents a court relies upon, such as an affidavit, deposition, or written responses to interrogatories. It also applies to tax returns, loan applications, insurance claims, applications for professional licenses and privileges, and various other situations.

Prosecutors sometimes bring perjury charges when they suspect someone lied when presenting evidence to a court. Perjury might be one of several charges someone faces if they are accused of defrauding an insurance company or financial institution, bid rigging, and similar crimes.

Our New River perjury attorneys can review the circumstances that led to the allegedly false statement. In many cases, we can construct an effective defense based on the required elements of the crime.


The definition of perjury in the penal code presents the elements the prosecutor must prove to obtain a conviction. The statement must be false and material, and the defendant must make the false statement knowingly.


If the statement was not false when the defendant made it, they did not commit perjury. Similarly, if the statement was unsworn or not made under penalty of perjury, it cannot lead to charges, even if it was false.


The false statement must have been material, meaning it could have influenced the outcome of the case. Making a false statement about something irrelevant to the issue cannot support a perjury charge.


A prosecutor must prove that the defendant knowingly provided the false statement and intended to lie. Our experienced lawyers in New River could argue that the defendant believed the statement to be true when they made it and did not intend to lie. Alternatively, the defendant could have misunderstood the question or been mistaken when they gave what they thought was a truthful answer.


Perjury is a Class 4 felony. A first offender’s sentence for a perjury conviction could be at least one year with mitigating circumstances and up to three years and nine months with aggravating circumstances. Prior convictions will increase the penalties drastically—someone with two prior convictions faces a presumptive sentence of ten years.

A perjury charge could also have a ripple effect on other areas of a person’s life. A conviction could prevent a Green Card holder from gaining citizenship, and a visa holder or undocumented person might face deportation.

Someone convicted of perjury could be denied a professional license or lose a license they already have. A person trained to practice law, medicine, accountancy, and many other professions could lose their ability to earn a living. The dedicated New River attorneys at our firm work to prevent a perjury conviction and preserve the defendant’s future.


Being accused of dishonesty might not seem like a big deal, but a perjury charge could land you in prison and affect every aspect of your future. Do not take these allegations lightly.

A New River perjury lawyer will pursue the best outcome possible in the circumstances. Contact Grand Canyon Law Group today to learn how we can fight tirelessly for you.

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