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Scottsdale DUI Blood Test Attorney

After a traffic stop and arrest for driving under the influence (DUI), the police may request a breath or blood test. Blood draws are common in drug DUI cases, as breathalyzers cannot detect substances other than alcohol.

In many cases, blood results are significantly different than expected based on your drinking and eating history. DUI blood testing in Scottsdale can also be susceptible to errors, making it essential to consult an attorney who can investigate the results and procedures. The skilled lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group can protect your rights after a DUI arrest and contest every aspect of the prosecution’s case, including chemical testing results.


Generally, either law enforcement or a contracted phlebotomist draws the blood for DUI cases. The blood is tested in the municipality’s crime lab. Some law enforcement agencies contract with other cities or the state crime lab through the Department of Public Safety for blood testing. Law enforcement will take two blood samples and test one, leaving the other for the defendant to test independently.

A defendant and their Scottsdale attorney can hire an independent examination company to analyze the blood. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we work with a former state crime lab employee for independent DUI blood testing. Our experienced lawyers can advise on seeking independent blood testing in a DUI case.


In an intoxicated driving case, our legal team will look at the raw data from the crime lab and analyze the results. If there appears to be an error or anomaly, we will independently test the blood sample to ensure the results are accurate.

The Scottsdale attorneys at our firm also recommend independent blood testing when a driver’s results are close to the margin. A blood alcohol content (BAC) above 0.08 is the standard for DUI in Arizona. If the state crime lab produces a test result of 0.081, our DUI lawyers will want to test the other sample; it may come out under 0.08 due to margins of error.


If the blood test results favor the defendant, our dedicated Scottsdale attorneys will disclose them as evidence to the state. We can call the expert who administered the independent test to testify on the quality and accuracy of the results. A savvy lawyer can also investigate the arresting officer’s blood testing procedures for potential errors.

A thorough investigation can also yield evidence confirming or challenging the blood test results. For instance, the driver may have a restaurant receipt or tab showing what they consumed that night. Testimony from others who were with or interacted with them may also be helpful. Even maintenance records for the car could be useful evidence if a mechanical error affected the person’s driving rather than impairment.


The diligent attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group will look at every aspect of a DUI case, from blood testing results to witness testimonies, to determine a strong defense strategy. Although a DUI conviction may seem inevitable with negative chemical test results, this is rarely the case.

Our seasoned lawyers know how to defend these cases using every possible strategy. Discuss DUI blood testing in Scottsdale with one of our knowledgeable attorneys and learn your options for protecting your future. Call us today to get started on your case.

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