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Tolleson Drug Possession With Intent To Distribute Attorney

It is strictly illegal to possess certain items under state law. Street drugs and prescription medications without a doctor’s note are clear examples of illicit substances. The laws in Arizona are among the harshest when dealing with illegal drugs—merely possessing these items is a felony offense.

However, even stricter penalties apply when a person allegedly possesses illegal drugs with the intent to distribute them to others. These convictions bring mandatory multiple-year prison sentences. At Grand Canyon Law Group, a Tolleson drug possession with intent to distribute lawyer is prepared to build defenses against these allegations. Our former prosecutors, now dedicated defense attorneys, can contest the idea that you possessed illegal drugs or intended to distribute them in the community.


Most drug offenses in Tolleson fall under the umbrella of the state’s core drug statute. According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3407, it is illegal for anyone to possess, create, sell, or otherwise distribute an illegal substance.

This same statute says that possessing a dangerous drug with the intent to sell is a class 2 felony. This means that even if a person has no prior felony convictions on their record, a first offense with mitigating circumstances must result in a three-year prison sentence. If there are aggravating factors in the case, a judge may increase the sentence to as long as 12.5 years.

In addition, the amount and type of drugs in question can also affect a potential sentence. Longer sentences may apply if the quantity of drugs surpasses the statutory threshold under AZ Rev. Stat. § 13-3401. Our seasoned Tolleson attorneys can explain how a conviction for drug distribution charges may impact a person’s future.


With the enhanced penalties that come with convictions for drug distribution charges, contesting these allegations in court is essential. Unfortunately, a prosecutor can obtain a lengthy sentence by showing a person’s intent to distribute these substances. Juries can consider various forms of evidence that may point to a plan to distribute drugs. This can include:

  • The quantity of drugs in question
  • Client lists
  • Phone and computer records
  • Packaging materials
  • Testimony from undercover officers or informants

The goal of an experienced lawyer is to create reasonable doubt concerning the defendant’s intent to distribute these substances. This can involve questioning an informant’s reasons for helping the police, challenging the legality of police work that led to the collection of evidence, and offering alternative explanations for the presence of supposedly incriminating evidence.


Allegations that you possessed illegal drugs with the intent to distribute them to others can be life-altering. Police can make an arrest, and prosecutors can pursue charges based on little more than circumstantial evidence that you intended to offer the drugs to others. In these situations, you need relentless legal representation.

Reach out to a Tolleson drug possession with intent to distribute lawyer today. The legal team at Grand Canyon Law Group is ready to explain the state’s drug laws, evaluate the facts that led to an arrest, and develop a defense that protects your rights and freedoms. Give us a call today, and let us get to work fighting for you.

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