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Tolleson Prescription Drug Attorney

There is a strong demand for prescription-only drugs among people who do not necessarily have a currently valid prescription to take them. Many of these drugs are widely available on the street.

The laws surrounding prescription-only drugs recognize that many people who illegally obtain and possess these drugs have an addiction. There is a preference toward offering treatment and rehabilitation rather than punishment, but you need a Tolleson prescription drug lawyer to advocate for an alternative sentence.

Some prescription drug charges are felonies and carry significant prison sentences. A local drug attorney could achieve the best result possible given the specific circumstances of your case.


Arizona Statute § 13-3406 treats crimes involving prescription-only drugs less harshly than crimes involving dangerous drugs or narcotics. However, violating the law still results in a criminal record and the far-reaching consequences of having a drug conviction. The best course is to work with a skilled prescription drug attorney in Tolleson to reach a resolution that limits the long-term impact as much as possible.

Arizona law directs that first and second offenders with no history of violent crimes receive probation for possession offenses if they do not have more than the threshold amount of the drug. The threshold amount is a quantity that triggers a presumption that the offender intends to sell the drug, and it differs for each substance. Anyone who is convicted of violating the law regarding prescription-only drugs must pay a $1,000 fine in addition to other fines, penalties, costs, and surcharges.


Possessing prescription-only drugs without a prescription, obtaining them through fraudulent means, manufacturing them or possessing the supplies to manufacture them, or administering them to others are all Class 1 misdemeanors. Although probation is the usual sentence for this offense, someone not eligible for probation could expect a sentence of up to six months in jail. The sentence also might call for drug assessment and treatment and substantial community service hours.


It is Class 6 felony to possess prescription drugs for sale or distribution. Someone with a prior possession conviction within two years of a current conviction also could face Class 6 felony penalties, where a felony conviction is between three months and two years.


When a defendant has an addiction to prescription drugs, the best option for them might be probation with treatment or drug court if they are eligible. Participating in these programs can help someone move forward without the burden of addiction.

However, it is always a Tolleson attorney’s goal to resolve a prescription drug case without a conviction whenever possible. They could challenge the charge by proving the accused has a valid prescription. The law requires a knowing possession of the drug, so claiming that the accused did not know about the presence of the drugs could be a viable defense in some cases.

It is always wise to scrutinize police conduct in drug cases. If law enforcement officials conducted an improper search, a judge might suppress the evidence they found during the search. If police did not handle the drugs with sufficient care after they found them, challenging the evidence regarding the quantity of the drug or its identity could be fruitful.


Many prescription drug crimes are misdemeanors, but that does not mean you should not take them seriously. A conviction creates a criminal record and could lead to jail time.

Do not assume that the law will treat you with compassion or fairness. Call today to get a Tolleson prescription drug lawyer fighting for you.

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