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At Grand Canyon Law Group, we are huge advocates of alternative courts in Arizona, sometimes referred to as Treatment Courts or Problem-Solving Courts, such as Veterans Court, Drug Court, and Homeless Court. Arizona is a leader in the country for options aimed at assisting rather than punishing people who find themselves charged with crimes due to circumstances, mental health challenges, drug addiction, etc.

So we were very proud to be a sponsor for the “Friends of The Court” whose financial contributions make these programs/ courts possible. We played a small part as a sponsor in their main annual fund-raiser, Festival of Golf.

This incredible community event took place on November 5, 2022, beginning at 7:30 a.m. Community members as well as those in surrounding areas came out to help Friends of the Court raise money for those in Arizona Treatment Courts, which allows community members to receive financial, emotional, and physical support, and help our criminal justice system foster healing, not just punishment.

The tournament took place at the Arizona Biltmore Golf Course, at 2400 E Missouri Ave Phoenix, Arizona 85016. Check out Friends of the Court to stay updated on future events and discover other ways to get involved.