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El Mirage Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

When you have been accused of violence against a family member, there is no time to waste. The sooner you speak with legal counsel, the better your chances will be to avoid a conviction. An experienced criminal defense attorney could investigate your case and identify the weaknesses of the evidence against you.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, our team of former prosecutors have spent years trying domestic violence cases. We understand how the state approaches these charges, and we are prepared to help you build the strongest defense strategy possible. Let an El Mirage domestic violence lawyer serve as your advocate as you navigate the criminal justice system.


Criminal offenses involving loved ones or housemates can carry steeper penalties than the underlying criminal charge. This is because the state takes these allegations seriously and are known for aggressively pursuing a conviction.

These offenses hinge on the personal relationship between the accused and their alleged victim. While many assume “domestic violence” is limited to conflicts between married couples, the reality is that these laws are much broader. The state can file charges when the alleged victim is a family or household member.

The term “household member” covers many different parties. In addition to current or former spouses, the law applies to anyone that has lived together as a family. This is true of both past and current household members. Other examples include:

  • Current or former spouses
  • Siblings
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Roommates
  • Current or former partners
  • Co-parents

Family connections are only one of the factors a domestic violence lawyer in El Mirage needs to consider. It is important that you call us NOW when your right to be near your family or live in your home is at risk.


There are not unique crimes that come with family violence charges. Instead, certain criminal acts will lead to heavier fines or jail time depending on the relationship between the parties. Some of the offenses that can apply include the following:

  • Assault
  • Stalking
  • Aggravated assault
  • Sexual abuse

The state has to prove the elements of each charge beyond a reasonable doubt. The Grand Canyon Law Group could hold them to that burden by challenging every piece of evidence the state relies on.


The concept of “innocent until proven guilty” applies to criminal allegations of domestic violence. That said, there are consequences that can impact a person accused of this offense long before they are ever convicted of a crime. An example includes protective orders issued by the court shortly following an arrest.

When a person is arrested and accused of family or household violence, a judge could issue a temporary protective order. This is usually done upon request by either the alleged victim or the prosecutor. While temporary, these declarations by the court required the accused to avoid contact with the reporting witness and even potentially leave the family home.

A judge can issue one of these orders without having a hearing in front of all the relevant parties. However, it can only be in place temporarily until the defendant has the chance to be heard. A domestic violence attorney in El Mirage can argue for the termination of these orders – so it is really important to act as soon as possible.


While any criminal charge is a serious matter, there major hardships that come with allegations of domestic abuse. This is due not only to the extensive consequences of a conviction, but also the stigma that follows this type of an arrest. It is critically important to get legal counsel as soon as you can, since your livelihood is on the line. Please call an El Mirage domestic violence lawyer from Grand Canyon Law Group and discuss your situation during a free consult.

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