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The law defines child abuse as purposeful behavior that puts a minor’s physical or mental health or development at risk. The state has strict legislation in place that criminalizes any form of child abuse by any caregiver or adult in contact with the minor. Unfortunately, child abuse accusations are not uncommon in an ugly divorce or some other form of a domestic dispute.

If you are facing charges of child abuse, you need representation from an experienced domestic violence attorney to protect against severe repercussions. A Mesa child abuse lawyer at the Grand Canyon Law Group may be your best bet for mitigating the allegations against you and effectively defending your case.


Child abuse and neglect charges could be brought for various alleged offenses. These include:

  • The physical abuse or injury of a minor
  • The sexual abuse of a child
  • The mental abuse of a minor
  • Abandonment of a minor
  • Neglecting to provide care for a child under the age of 18

It is important to tailor a defense strategy to the specific allegations of the case. Anyone accused of any form of child abuse should consult a well-practiced attorney at our Mesa office.


A child abuse conviction on a one’s permanent record could lead to tremendous financial strain, loss of employment, and reputation damage. Additionally, these are serious criminal charges with harsh penalties—an accused person could be facing time in jail as well as steep fines and the loss of certain rights. Any person who faces charges of child abuse or neglect should take the accusations seriously and contact a nearby lawyer as soon as possible to begin building their defense.

The criminal justice system is complex and deals with countless laws and statutes that most people find hard to interpret. A Mesa child abuse arrest attorney at our firm is here to guide accused individuals through the legal process and provide trustworthy counsel during a stressful time.


Child abuse is a severe allegation with life-changing consequences. If the court of law does find you guilty, you will have a conviction on your permanent record that could affect you for years to come. When your liberty and way of life are at stake, you need the best possible representation from a Mesa child abuse lawyer.

If you face these charges, you should immediately contact a seasoned attorney at the Grand Canyon Law Group to go over your case. We are here to help you prepare for trial and advocate on your behalf at every step of the way, so call us today to set up a consultation.

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