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Manslaughter is one of several homicide charges recognized under Arizona law. This offense involves the loss of human life, but it generally involves circumstances that are treated less harshly compared to murder. Even still, you cannot take this lightly.

If you have been accused of manslaughter, a knowledgeable homicide defense attorney could advise you on the legal jeopardy you face. This is too important to put off calling a lawyer another day. Let our team of former prosecutors advise you on the benefits of hiring a Mesa manslaughter lawyer.


In general, this crime involves a person recklessly causing another person’s death. Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-1103 highlights specific behavior that meets this definition. A Mesa manslaughter attorney could develop a defense strategy based on the specific allegations raised by the state.

Arguably the most common way for the state to approach this offense is by claiming the reckless actions of the defendant led to a person’s death. There are also some specific scenarios that qualify under the statute. Examples of this include giving a person the means to commit suicide or injuring a pregnant woman in a way that leads to her unborn baby’s death.

The law also treats certain acts that would otherwise be charged as second-degree murder as manslaughter. This can happen when a second-degree murder occurs as the result of coercion or when it arises from a heated argument where the victim provoked the conflict.

These factors can be difficult to navigate so it is important to call Grand Canyon Law Group immediately to get legal help.


These two criminal offenses are often confused, but there are important differences between manslaughter and negligent homicide charges. What they share is an allegation of a person unintentionally causing the death of another person. Understanding the distinction between the two is important, as manslaughter is the more serious of the two crimes.

A person in Mesa, Arizona can be charged with manslaughter when they knowingly perform reckless acts that are likely to lead to fatal injuries. Negligent homicide charges are appropriate even if the person did not know of the risks involved, so long as a prosecutor can prove they should have been aware.


An attorney in Mesa could fight back against manslaughter charges in several ways. One of the most common defense strategies in these cases is the claim of self-defense. Everyone has the right to defend themselves from the imminent threat of serious harm. This can include the use of lethal force when necessary. The law also treats the defense of other people as a viable option.

A key aspect of this criminal charge is reckless behavior. In situations where a death is genuinely an accident that did not result from reckless activity, this charge is not appropriate. That may not keep the state from pursuing charges, but it can serve as a viable defense at trial.

Some defense strategies focus on the fact that the accused did not commit the act in question. For example, an attorney could identify an alternate suspect who may be culpable for the death. They might also point to the lack of hard evidence offered by the state, which is a common defense given the prosecutor’s high burden of proof.


Being charged with manslaughter can be a terrifying experience. If you are facing serious criminal charges related to the death of another person, your freedom is in jeopardy. You have the right to a vigorous defense, and the Grand Canyon Legal Group is here to help.

Let a Mesa manslaughter lawyer serve as your advocate. Do not delay – call NOW to talk to a professional who can explain your next steps.

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