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Mesa Negligent Homicide Attorney

Anyone facing allegations of negligent homicide should recognize the serious legal jeopardy they are dealing with. A conviction could lead to a lengthy prison term, steep monetary fines, and an array of other consequences that might follow you for the rest of your life. You need experienced legal guidance!

If you have been arrested following the death of another person, a Mesa negligent homicide lawyer can help. The support of a trusted homicide attorney from Grand Canyon Law Group can make all the difference when you are being tried before a jury of your peers. Call and let us review the facts of your case and provide a sound defense in the face of this accusation.


This offense is one of multiple homicide charges recognized by Arizona state law. While this offense is not considered to be as serious as murder, a conviction will still have significant consequences. Relying on the guidance of a negligent homicide attorney in Mesa can provide you with the best chance at avoiding a conviction.

Under the law, this offense involves a person taking the life of another person during an act of criminal negligence. That means the death resulted from an unintentional act, but the accused should have been aware of the potential consequences of their reckless behavior.

Negligent homicide is governed by Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-1102. In addition to the general definition of this crime, the statute outlines some specific circumstances where these charges are not appropriate. For example, the death of an unborn child cannot lead to prosecution for negligent homicide for those performing medical care on the pregnant mother.


Criminal negligence goes beyond behavior with a mild risk of injury. These are acts that carry a substantial risk of severe injury or death to another person. The central issue is not whether a person harmed someone else intentionally, but whether or not a reasonable person in the same position would have recognized the hazardous position they were putting others in.

In other words, it is possible to meet this standard of negligence without actually being aware of the risks. Ignorance is not a defense, as everyone has an obligation to take the same degree of care that a reasonable person would when it comes to preventing injuries. It is vitally important you consult with a Grand Canyon Law Group attorney as soon as you can after being charged with negligent homicide.


Anyone accused of this crime has the right to defend themselves, but they must pursue the right strategy. A negligent homicide attorney in Mesa can evaluate all the facts before identifying the best possible approach.

Arguably the most common defense in these cases is that the death was a result of an accident. This involves challenging the idea that criminal negligence played any part in the incident. In some cases, tragic deaths can occur due to circumstances outside of anyone’s control, and that the defendant was not committing a crime or doing anything illegal when the death occurred. It takes a skilled lawyer to accurately make this case.

It might also be possible to argue that the defendant was not responsible for the death all. Even in cases where the defendant was negligent in some way, it might be a viable defense if some other factor or individual was responsible for causing the decedent to pass away.


If you are facing these charges, you can benefit from the guidance and support of skilled legal counsel. Grand Canyon Law Group’s team of former prosecutors knows how to build a winning defense and prepare you for trial. Reach out to a Mesa negligent homicide lawyer today to discuss your options. Time is of the essence.

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