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Sex crimes are unique from most other types of criminal charges, as there are often no witnesses to the offense other than the alleged victim and perpetrator. Accordingly, special police tactics and various legal complexities may be used to investigate and prosecute these types of cases.

Due to the nuances of sex crime investigations in Mesa, it is important to work with a seasoned defense lawyer if you are facing these types of charges. The persistent attorneys at Grand Canyon Law understand the investigative tactics that may be used against you and can work tirelessly to defend your case even before it goes to court.


In conducting a sex crime investigation, the police may use various tactics. One common strategy is a confrontation call or one-party consent call, which involves setting up phone calls or texting between the alleged victim and the suspect to try to get them to make an incriminating statement. The police will then monitor and record the interaction to potentially use as evidence in the court case.

There are many types of information that the Mesa police may seek in a sex crime investigation, such as medical records or DNA evidence. Recently, digital or electronic investigations have also become increasingly common for sexual offenses such as child pornography charges. In these kinds of sex crime cases, the police may investigate using complex computer programs to locate and trace the IP address for a suspect’s home in Mesa. Then, they could obtain a search warrant to further inspect for illegal activity.


When a sex crime has not yet been charged, time is of the essence for anyone under investigation. If a suspect waits too long to contact legal counsel, they allow the police to obtain more information from them, including statements about the case or even confessions from confrontation calls. To prevent the creation of incriminatory evidence in a Mesa sex crime investigation, it is crucial for a suspect to seek dedicated representation from our attorneys who can intervene on their behalf.

If the police are still investigating a case, they are trying to determine if they have a basis for charges. Our legal team can work to decrease the likelihood of a Mesa resident being charged by protecting them from giving statements or otherwise implicating themselves of sex crimes. Because the police rely on confessions from their suspect, aggressive defensive measures by a skilled attorney early on in the investigation can be critical in preventing sex crime charges from ever being brought.


Because the police may use various creative tactics for sex crimes investigations in Mesa, it is necessary to retain an equally savvy attorney to protect your rights. The police are skilled in interviewing suspects and obtaining admissions of fault, but our former prosecutors at Grand Canyon Law Group know what investigative tactics to look out for and can advise you on the best protective measures to take against them.

However, these cases are usually time sensitive. If you are under investigation for a sex-related offense, call our firm immediately for advice. A proactive legal defense is often key in preventing charges from seriously impacting your life and reputation.