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Allegations that you injured someone, threatened them, or irresponsibly put them in harm’s way may lead to criminal charges for assault. On top of that, certain circumstances could lead to aggravated assault charges with felony-level sanctions upon conviction.

An assault allegation can play out in various ways in court; seasoned representation from a savvy attorney can make all the difference in your case’s outcome. Let a Peoria assault lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group work tirelessly to resolve your charges and protect your way of life. We believe you have a future worth fighting for.


According to Arizona Revised Statute §13-1203, someone commits simple assault if they “intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly” cause another person to sustain a physical injury. Alternatively, someone may be prosecuted for and convicted of simple assault if they intentionally make someone reasonably fear for their safety or knowingly touch another person with intent to injure, provoke, or insult them.

Simple assault can be anywhere from a Class 3 misdemeanor to a Class 1 misdemeanor in Arizona, depending on the facts of the incident. Aggravated assault, meanwhile, is always considered a felony offense prosecutable as a Class 6 up to a Class 2 felony.

As per A.R.S. §13-1204, there are 11 distinct aggravating conditions which, if present during the commission of an assault, will result in an ensuing criminal charge being elevated to aggravated assault. Our knowledgeable local assault attorneys can explain how state law approaches this unique charge in more detail during a private consultation.


A skilled lawyer can use various defense strategies to contest an assault charge in Peoria, including but not limited to the following:

  • The alleged assault was actually the defendant engaging in lawful self-defense or defense of a third party.
  • The alleged assault did not actually occur, either because there was no actual confrontation or because one of the key criteria for the offense was not met. For example, the defendant did not intend to cause harm, and no injury resulted directly from their actions.
  • The defendant did cause harm but did not do so intentionally or recklessly, meaning they did not knowingly and consciously disregard a serious risk of injury to others.
  • Law enforcement violated the defendant’s rights or otherwise failed to comply with the law when investigating or arresting them.

No two cases are exactly alike, so it is always worth discussing which strategies would best suit a particular situation with a seasoned legal professional.


Fighting back against an allegation of assault is rarely a simple or straightforward endeavor. However, the process is much easier if you secure dedicated legal representation as soon as possible after your arrest. Guidance from a Peoria assault lawyer can also improve your chances of resolving the charges favorably and protecting your future.

Working with the right attorney will make a world of difference in your ability to navigate the legal process and move forward with your life. Grand Canyon Law Group has a long track record of success in helping people in your situation seek positive case outcomes. Learn more by calling our firm today.

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