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Defending yourself against any criminal allegations can be challenging, but theft cases are often especially hard. The state’s evidence is often circumstantial, and frequently relies on the testimony of other witnesses. Thankfully, a dedicated criminal defense attorney can fight back against these allegations on your behalf.

If you have been arrested on these charges, it is vital that you call Grand Canyon Law Group NOW before proceeding. Handling your case on your own, or with an inexperienced lawyer, could have serious consequences. Let a Peoria theft lawyer serve as your advocate.


Unlike other jurisdictions that have numerous unique charges involving the taking of someone else’s property, Arizona condenses each of these offenses into a single statute. Found at Arizona Revised Statute § 13-1802, this statute covers each type of theft-based offense, from misdemeanors to felonies. The behavior that can lead to these charges varies. Some examples include the following:

  • Altering a receipt of sale
  • Refusing to return loaned property
  • Taking another person’s assets
  • Using a service without paying

Theft can also take the form of robbery, burglary, or shoplifting, which have their own unique distinctions.

Often, the circumstances involved in these cases are complex. A common situation involves a person initially having permission to use property before having that consent rescinded by the owner. Theft disputes often boil down to a disagreement over the facts of the situation.


Whether these allegations involve a momentary lapse in judgment or genuine misunderstanding, the consequences of a criminal conviction are significant. The specific penalties a person may face in these cases will depend in part on whether they have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony.

The primary concern for most people arrested on these charges is the potential for incarceration. Misdemeanor offenses can lead to as much as a year in jail, while felony sentences are much longer. Other penalties include monetary fines, restitution, or public service.

Collateral consequences also come into play, especially for felony offenses. These are things that can impact a person’s life beyond the penalties written into the statute. For example, losing a job or facing immigration complications can occur after a theft conviction. It is important to call our team as soon as you are arrested or charged, so we may begin to investigate.


While the penalties linked to theft offenses are serious, they only become a reality when an individual is found guilty. This occurs either through a plea bargain or a trial verdict. The accused has the right to fight back against the state’s case, and beating a theft charge is certainly possible with the right legal counsel.

A theft attorney in Peoria can raise an appropriate defense depending on the facts. One of the most common strategies is pointing to the lack of evidence offered by the state. In many cases, there is little more than conflicting testimony to point to a person’s guilt. Never forget that the state must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to secure a conviction.

The lack of intent can also be a viable strategy. A person must intentionally deprive someone of their property in order to be found guilty. Anyone who accidentally or unintentionally takes something owned by another person did not have criminal intent and should be found innocent or have the charges dropped. However, it is important to have the right legal ally to properly convey this message in court.


Allegations of taking another person’s property without their consent are serious. If you have been arrested under suspicion of stealing, you still have the opportunity to clear your name, but you must reach out NOW for a free consultation.

Let a Peoria theft lawyer fight for you. The Grand Canyon Law Group is made up of former prosecutors who know what to anticipate and the best way to counter the state’s claims.

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