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Scottsdale Aggravated Assault Attorney

Hiring the right defense attorney is one of the most important decisions you will face when dealing with any criminal allegations. When charged with aggravated assault, time is of the essence. The sooner you contact a Scottsdale aggravated assault lawyer, the sooner they can begin working to protect your future.

The seasoned attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group understand the complexities of the judicial system and can help you identify effective defenses for your circumstances. Our team will provide you with the tenacious representation and dedicated support you deserve.


Multiple alleged acts underpin the crime of aggravated assault. The term indicates that one or multiple factors are at play that upgrade the assault to an aggravated crime. For example, a person can face aggravated charges if they allegedly committed an assault and:

  • Inflicted grave personal harm on the alleged victim
  • Used a deadly weapon while engaging in the assault
  • Physically restrained the alleged victim
  • The alleged victim was younger than 15 years old

Acts of assault perpetrated against certain classes of individuals, such as police officers, firefighters, healthcare workers, or teachers, are also charged as aggravated offenses. Regardless of the specific aggravating factors in an assault case, our experienced local attorneys can tailor a solid defense to the specific allegations.


Aggravated assault charges cover various alleged actions, and the potential legal ramifications attached to a conviction are equally wide-ranging. The alleged victim and the aggravating factors will largely determine the specific charges and potential penalties.

For example, certain types of aggravated assault committed against a peace officer or a prosecutor are class 2 felonies. Aggravated assault against a person younger than 15 years old can also be charged as a class 2 felony but carries additional penalties for a dangerous crime against a child. If the aggravating factor was the use of physical restraint during the commission of the assault, the act can be charged as a class 6 felony.

For a first offense, aggravated assault as a class 2 felony can carry a prison term of up to 21 years. However, first-time aggravated assault as a class 6 felony can carry a prison term of up to three years. The penalties can be wide-ranging, making it important to work with a Scottsdale lawyer who can argue to reduce the aggravated assault charges or get them dismissed altogether.


Potential defenses to aggravated assault charges could include lack of intent or self-defense. Our Scottsdale aggravated assault attorneys will examine the prosecution’s case for any weaknesses; we can then leverage these points to seek a favorable resolution or even dismissal of charges.


Aggravated assault may seem like an impenetrable charge, but there are often various potential defenses in these cases. A Scottsdale aggravated assault lawyer at our firm will tailor a strategy to fit your situation and work toward a positive outcome that protects your rights, freedom, and future.

The team at Grand Canyon Law Group is made up of former prosecutors who know how to navigate the legal system. We understand what is at stake in your situation and believe you have a way of life worth fighting for. Call us today to discuss your case and get the representation you need.

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