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Scottsdale Felony Assault Attorney

While some assault offenses are categorized as misdemeanors in Arizona, the crime becomes a felony when aggravating factors are present. If you were accused of felony assault in Scottsdale, you may be reeling from the situation and unsure what to do next.

There are multiple differences between a felony and a misdemeanor, including much lengthier prison terms and higher fines in the event of a conviction. An experienced attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group knows how to mitigate or prevent these harsh penalties and fight for your future. We will tailor a defense to your situation and work tirelessly to protect your rights.


Any assault charge can lead to time in jail and hefty fines upon conviction. However, the legal ramifications for a felony assault conviction are much higher than for a misdemeanor. These cases require an aggressive legal defense from day one, so it is wise to speak with a Scottsdale attorney who handles felony assault charges as soon as possible.

As a lawyer could explain, misdemeanor assault is also known as simple assault in Arizona. This crime occurs when someone:

  • Intentionally or carelessly injures another person
  • Intentionally gives another person reason to believe that they will suffer imminent injury
  • Purposefully touches another person intending to injure them, provoke them, or offend them

Felony assault is also known as aggravated assault. A person can be charged with felony assault when they commit assault in specific circumstances that contain aggravating factors. For example, if a person commits assault against a teacher, member of law enforcement, or minor, they can be charged with felony assault. Other circumstances that can give rise to felony assault charges include assault that inflicts severe bodily harm to the alleged victim, assault that results in notable disfigurement to the alleged victim, or assault committed while the alleged victim was physically restrained.


Convictions for felony or aggravated assault carry a range of prospective penalties, as our knowledgeable lawyers can explain. Depending on the circumstances and aggravating factors, the accused could be charged with a Class 6 felony up to a Class 2 felony. If the accused has a criminal history, this could also increase the potential penalties they may face if convicted.

For example, when someone is convicted of felony or aggravated assault as a Class 6 felony, they could spend up to three years in jail, assuming they are a first-time offender. If that individual has one historical prior on their record, that prison term could go up to 4.5 years.

When a person is convicted of felony or aggravated assault as a Class 2 felony, a first-time offender can face anywhere from seven to 21 years in jail upon conviction. If they have one historical prior on their record, the maximum prison term imposed could be as high as 28 years. In addition to a prolonged period of incarceration, individuals convicted of felony assault could also have to pay thousands of dollars in fines while dealing with the wide-ranging consequences of a felony on their criminal record. When the stakes are this high, those accused of felony assault need steadfast representation from a savvy attorney at our firm.


You should never try to handle a felony assault charge on your own. Even before charges are formally submitted, legal counsel could work tirelessly to protect your rights and resolve your case favorably. An experienced lawyer can also stand by your side throughout the legal process, whether negotiating a deal with prosecutors, seeking to reduce your charges, filing a motion for dismissal, or staunchly advocating your rights in the courtroom.

Charges for felony assault in Scottsdale require representation from the right attorney. Call Grand Canyon Law Group today to learn how our former prosecutors, now dedicated defense lawyers, can help you.

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