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Diversion Programs In Scottsdale / Alternative Sentencing Options

Facing a criminal charge of any sort is an intimidating and frightening experience. A conviction for even a misdemeanor-level offense will create a criminal record, require you to pay a fine, and could even lead to time in jail. One way to avoid these penalties is to obtain a not-guilty verdict at trial or force a prosecutor to drop the charges in court.

However, there are other options as well. Many people are willing to accept the consequences of their actions for another chance to make things right. Prosecutors have broad discretion to allow defendants to enter diversion programs in Scottsdale. Successfully completing these programs will see a court dismissing the charges, allowing you to move forward with your life. Talk to the dedicated attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group about pursuing this option.


Most people assume that an arrest for an alleged criminal act means they must either fight the charges at trial or plead guilty and accept the consequences. This applies to both misdemeanor and felony cases. While these options are always available, there is another path in many cases.

A diversion program allows a defendant in a criminal case to attend classes and receive counseling related to their specific charge. Some prosecuting agencies may also refer to these programs as deferred prosecution or deferred sentence. For defendants in Scottsdale, Maricopa County offers:

According to Arizona Revised Statutes § 11-365, the prosecutor in the case has sole discretion in allowing a defendant to enter these programs. Our attorneys in Scottsdale could explain how these diversion programs work and convince a prosecutor to offer this option.


A person entering a diversion program does so with two goals. The first is to avoid any criminal penalty that comes with the charges at the core of the case. The successful completion of a diversion program means that the court will dismiss the charges. The second goal is to obtain life skills that help a person stay out of trouble in the future. Completing a diversion program can bring many benefits.

With this in mind, people seeking entry into a diversion program must take the process seriously. These programs will have mandatory attendance and participation policies.


A failure to complete these programs can have disastrous consequences. In many cases, a failure will return the case to criminal court, and the defendant will not have the opportunity to defend themselves against the charges. Our experienced local attorneys could help people in this situation by convincing judges and prosecutors to allow their reentry into a diversion program.


Many people facing criminal charges will have the opportunity to set things right by entering into a diversion program. Completing a program will lead a court to drop the criminal charges and help preserve your future. However, it is up to the prosecutor pursuing the case to offer this option. Failing to complete the program comes with severe consequences.

Speak with a skilled attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group today to further evaluate your options for diversion programs in Scottsdale. We can help convince a prosecutor to offer entry into a diversion program or help you if you are already enrolled but are in danger of failing to meet your commitment. Call today to discuss your situation.

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