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Prostitution charges must be taken seriously in Arizona. While state law classifies these offenses as misdemeanors, the same statute also requires courts to impose a mandatory minimum jail term of no less than 15 days for a first violation. Subsequent convictions increase this minimum penalty, making it crucial for those accused to combat the charges with help from a skilled attorney.

Hiring a Scottsdale prostitution lawyer is the first step in securing a positive outcome to your case. The team at the Grand Canyon Law Group can dispute whether an exchange of money or property took place, or even that an encounter occurred at all. Let us fight tirelessly on your behalf to defeat these charges.


The basic concept of prostitution is that it is illegal to have sexual intercourse with a person in exchange for money. However, state law expands upon this basic definition to include a variety of other behaviors under the umbrella of prostitution.

According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3211 (5), this definition includes any sexual conduct performed under an arrangement in exchange for money or any other item of value. This means that the law prohibits having sex in exchange for not just money but also for food, housing, electronics, or anything else with value. In addition, the sex act in question does not need to be sexual intercourse, and any form of sexual activity falls under the definition of prostitution.


It is important to note that the exchange of goods for sex does not need to occur for police to make an arrest and prosecutors to pursue a case. The statute says that the mere offer to participate in this activity is sufficient to justify prosecution. Our experienced Scottsdale attorneys could provide more information about the concept of prostitution under state law and how to effectively defend against these charges.


According to AZ Rev. Stat. § 13-3214, prostitution is a class 1 misdemeanor. This means that a conviction can lead to fines of up to $2,500, six months in jail, or both. However, this guideline assumes that a person has no prior prostitution convictions. A second conviction within a period of two years may prompt the state to file more serious charges, which would carry enhanced potential penalties.

Special sentencing rules also apply to prostitution cases. The same statute says that a first conviction requires a court to impose a jail sentence of no less than 15 days. In addition, the court cannot suspend or otherwise change this sentence. A second conviction increases this term to no less than 30 days.

A skilled local attorney can work to combat the prosecutor’s case and avoid the harsh penalties associated with prostitution charges. This could include disputing whether money was exchanged or arguing that a defendant was forced into the activity as the result of human trafficking.


Prostitution charges could result from a wide variety of alleged activities. Any accusation of sexual contact with another in exchange for anything of value must be taken seriously. In fact, an alleged agreement to participate in this exchange could lead to criminal charges, even if the exchange never actually occurred.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, a Scottsdale prostitution lawyer is prepared to fight tirelessly against these allegations to protect your rights and way of life. We can work to explain the state’s laws, evaluate the evidence that a prosecutor may introduce at trial, uncover information that could help your case, and defend you throughout the legal proceedings. Reach out to our firm today to get the help you need.

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