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Scottsdale Rights Restoration Attorney

A criminal conviction for even the most minor criminal charge can have a devastating effect on your life. Even after you serve time in jail, pay restitution, and complete the terms of your probation, your criminal record will still show that a court convicted you of a crime. This can make it difficult to obtain proper housing or a stable job and can result in a restriction on your civil rights.

A Scottsdale rights restoration lawyer is ready to help protect your future after a criminal conviction. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our seasoned legal team can explain the State’s Set Aside program, evaluate your eligibility, and submit the necessary paperwork to the relevant agencies on your behalf.


A criminal felony conviction will impact a person’s present and future. In all examples, a felony conviction can require a person to spend at least one year in prison. However, even if a person completes their sentence, pays all relevant restitution, and meets their terms of probation or parole, their conviction can still affect their future.

The creation of a criminal record informs all potential employers and landlords of a person’s conviction. In addition, Arizona Revised Statute § 13-904 says that a conviction eliminates certain civil rights, including the right:

  • To vote
  • To hold a public office
  • To serve as a juror
  • To possess a firearm

Clearly, restoring those civil rights and improving one’s prospects should be a top priority. A Scottsdale attorney is ready to provide more information on restoring a person’s rights after a conviction.


In some cases, state law requires an automatic restoration of a person’s civil rights after a felony conviction. According to AZ Rev. Stat. § 13-907, the successful completion of all criminal penalties after a conviction entitles a person to automatic restoration of their civil rights. This applies to first-time felony offenders. However, it is important to note that a person will not automatically have their right to carry a firearm restored. This is a separate process requiring support from a Scottsdale rights restoration lawyer.

In cases where restoration of rights is not automatic, AZ Rev. Stat. § 13-908 says that a person can file a petition with the court. The court has the final say on whether to reinstate their rights. This applies to people who have multiple felony convictions and have waited at least two years from their date of final discharge on their sentence.


As of 2022, there is no program under state law that allows a person to remove a conviction from their criminal record or apply for a sealing of their conviction. However, the Set Aside program does allow a court to place a mark on a person’s criminal record that indicates that they have completed all required rehabilitative steps.

Thankfully, changes to the law are coming. AZ Rev. Stat. § 13-911 goes into effect on January 1, 2023. This new program will allow people to petition the court to seal their convictions as long as they have completed all terms of their confinement, probation, and monetary obligations. This means that a conviction will no longer appear on civilian background checks. There will be waiting periods for this process that vary depending upon the severity of the charge. A local rights restoration lawyer could help people prepare to submit these petitions starting in 2023.


Every criminal conviction is a serious matter that can affect all parts of your life. When the conviction is a felony, this may even impact your ability to vote or own a gun. While state law does allow for the automatic restoration of many of these rights after a first conviction, people with multiple felony convictions may need assistance getting their lives back to normal.

This is where a Scottsdale rights restoration lawyer can be a crucial ally. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we are ready to explain the state’s restoration laws, determine your eligibility, and submit formal petitions to the court. We can also help people pursue a formal sealing of their records when the new law goes into effect in 2023. Reach out to us today to discuss your case.

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