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Tolleson Hit And Run Attorney

Arizona law requires anyone in a vehicle accident to stop, offer assistance, and exchange information with other drivers. Failing to do so can lead to charges for leaving the scene of an accident, often called “hit and run.” When you are accused of this offense, you need legal representation from a Tolleson hit and run lawyer to protect your rights and prevent severe consequences.

The diligent attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can investigate the circumstances and determine an effective defense strategy for your case. We will work with you and the prosecutors toward a positive resolution to the situation.


Arizona Revised Statutes §28-663 requires drivers to stop and remain on the scene after an accident. They must give their contact information, vehicle registration, and insurance information to other involved drivers and responding law enforcement officers. The law also requires a driver to assist others involved in the crash if necessary.

Failing to provide information or render assistance after a wreck is a Class 3 misdemeanor. If a driver hits a parked car, they must leave their information in a conspicuous place, like on the car’s windshield. Hitting a parked vehicle without leaving the necessary information is also a Class 3 misdemeanor.

The charges and potential penalties become more serious if the accident causes damage. It is a Class 2 misdemeanor to leave the scene of an accident involving property damage. If an accident caused serious injury or death and a driver flees the scene, they could face a Class 3 felony charge if they were not at fault and a Class 2 felony charge if they caused the crash. Regardless of what charges a driver faces, working with a Tolleson hit and run attorney is crucial to prevent severe penalties.


Every accident involves unique circumstances. A Tolleson lawyer can investigate a specific situation, determine why the driver allegedly fled, and present a defense tailored to the facts.

People sometimes believe they hit a bump, an animal, or a road obstruction and do not realize they collided with a person or another vehicle. Sometimes, a driver fears for their safety if they stop. They might initially stop but flee if another driver is threatening or confrontational. In some situations, people simply panic and are unable to think clearly.

Prosecutors are often willing to reduce or drop charges if a driver takes responsibility for their conduct and offers restitution to the accident victim. A diversion program could be a beneficial alternative in some cases. Our Tolleson lawyers can explain the legal options for resolving a hit and run charge and help a driver protect their future.


Although it is often possible to resolve hit and run charges without jail time, certain aggravating factors make it unlikely that an offender will receive a lenient sentence. Prosecutors and judges are less likely to be lenient if an impaired driver fled the scene of an accident. Someone who does so will likely face DUI and hit and run charges; if convicted, they must serve their sentences concurrently. The skilled hit and run attorneys at our firm can challenge the evidence of impairment, which might persuade a prosecutor to reduce a charge.

A criminal history also could complicate the defense for a hit and run. The sentencing guidelines in the state require much harsher penalties for offenders with prior convictions. Regardless of the circumstances, seasoned legal counsel will be essential to defeat the hit and run charges.


Leaving the scene of an accident is a serious crime, but there are often many available defenses. A driver with no criminal history and a willingness to make restitution may be able to avoid jail time with help from a Tolleson hit and run lawyer. Working with a savvy attorney becomes even more critical if aggravating factors are present.

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