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Tolleson Misdemeanor Attorney

Although we often hear about severe felonies in the news, most criminal cases involve misdemeanor charges. Although these allegations are less severe than felonies, they are still serious matters that can significantly impact your life. When you face criminal charges of any kind, you need legal representation from a dedicated attorney.

A Tolleson misdemeanor lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group works to help you avoid criminal penalties and preserve your future. We can explain the charges you face, investigate the situation, gather evidence that helps create reasonable doubt at trial, and fight to protect your rights every step of the way.


By law, a misdemeanor is any criminal offense with a maximum penalty upon conviction of six months in jail. More specifically, Arizona Revised Statute § 13-707 creates three classes of misdemeanors:

  • Class 3, where convictions can bring jail sentences of up to 30 days
  • Class 2, carrying jail sentences of up to four months
  • Class 1, where convictions can result in jail sentences of as long as six months

Regardless of a misdemeanor’s exact classification, a conviction will likely come with fines and probation time. Additionally, convictions will always create a criminal record. Our experienced Tolleson attorneys can provide further information about the specific misdemeanor charges and potential penalties in a case.


Misdemeanor charges are less serious than felony offenses. However, these charges may still allege physical injuries, damage to another’s property, or behavior that violates the peace.

Frequent examples of misdemeanor cases in Tolleson include:

Regardless of the specific misdemeanor charges, the seasoned lawyers at our firm can explain the potential consequences of a conviction and explore what a prosecutor must prove in court.


Every moment following a misdemeanor arrest is critical. Although it may seem like these events are minor matters, police officers and prosecutors take these cases just as seriously as felonies. Those accused must protect themselves and seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

Working with a Tolleson misdemeanor lawyer from the outset can help control the information police are able to gather. A savvy lawyer could work to protect people against aggressive police interrogation techniques. An attorney also helps during the earliest court appearances by arguing against the need for restraining orders and harsh bail terms. Contacting our firm now lets us provide immediate support and begin building a defense against the misdemeanor charges.


When you are arrested for misdemeanor-level crimes, you need to take the charges seriously. A conviction will create a criminal record that could follow you for years. You also face jail time and significant fines.

Contact a Tolleson misdemeanor lawyer to give yourself a better chance of a positive outcome. Our legal team is ready to explain the laws that control your case, protect your rights while in police custody, and prepare defenses to create reasonable doubt in court. Contact Grand Canyon Law Group now to get started.

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