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The criminal courts in Tolleson and throughout the state have the legal power to uphold their authority. The law requires people to appear for a summons and behave properly in court. Courts operate on the presumption that people will provide truthful information. In fact, it is a felony-level offense known as perjury for any person to knowingly provide false information to the court.

If you are facing criminal accusations that you lied in court, call a Tolleson perjury lawyer right away. The savvy attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can explain the concept of perjury under state law, evaluate the information that resulted in your arrest, and defend you in all court sessions moving forward.


All people appearing in criminal court are obligated to tell the truth. However, this does not mean that they must provide accurate information at all times, nor does it require them to admit to wrongdoing.

Arizona Revised Statute § 13-2702 says that it is against the law to provide a false sworn statement or written account to the court with the knowledge that this information is false. As a result, a perjury case cannot move forward if a witness is mistaken about their recollection of events. It is also not a crime to deny committing an offense.

To secure a perjury conviction, a prosecutor must prove that a defendant made a statement to the court that the defendant knew to be false at the time. In many cases, the prosecutor must also show that the defendant intended to mislead the court. It is often difficult for a prosecutor to obtain a perjury conviction. Our local perjury attorneys work to discredit the prosecutor’s case at every opportunity and dispute the idea that a defendant knowingly provided false information.


State law takes allegations of perjury seriously. With so much depending on the integrity of criminal courts, the Legislature has classified a perjury conviction as a class 4 felony.

Even if a person has no prior felony convictions, a conviction for perjury will label them as a felon. In addition, any conviction comes with mandatory prison time. If mitigating factors exist, a court may sentence a person to a minimum of one year in prison. However, aggravating factors in the case may allow a judge to extend this sentence to 3.75 years.

It is critical to begin forming a defense against perjury allegations as quickly as possible. The Tolleson perjury lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group are ready to help you with this process.


Everyone must tell the truth to their best abilities during criminal court proceedings. This applies to defendants in criminal cases as well as witnesses. This does not mean that a person must always provide accurate information, but they cannot intentionally mislead or confuse the court.

Apparent attempts to mislead the court may result in allegations of perjury. Convictions here are felonies that come with mandatory prison time. Let a Tolleson perjury lawyer fight to protect your freedom and future. A knowledgeable attorney can explain the state’s perjury laws and determine the best defense strategy moving forward. Call Grand Canyon Law Group today to learn more.

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