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Tolleson Probation Violation Attorney

Being on probation is a privilege that comes with its own set of responsibilities. Probation allows you to stay out of jail and continue to work or attend school, but you must make regular reports to a probation officer and stay out of trouble. Violating the terms of your probation can lead to serious consequences, including the revocation of your probation order and a requirement to serve all or part of your remaining sentence in jail. This is where a Tolleson probation violation lawyer can help.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, our dedicated attorneys are experienced at defending people accused of violating their probation. We can fight on your behalf to prevent the revocation of your probation. Our legal team works to show that the alleged violation was not your fault; if this is not possible, we argue for a more lenient outcome that protects your freedom.


A probationer must adhere to the terms of their probation strictly. This includes making regular reports to their probation officer and obeying all the specific terms imposed by the court. If the probation officer suspects that a person has failed to comply with the terms of their probation, they can file an official report with the criminal court. This will trigger a hearing to determine the merits of the complaint.

Under Arizona Revised Statute § 13-901, the court has three options when hearing a probation violation case. After hearing evidence from both the probation officer and the defendant, the court may:

  • Revoke probation, resulting in the defendant serving at least a portion of their remaining sentence in custody
  • Modify probation, usually by adding new terms
  • Continue probation as before, which amounts to a finding of non-responsibility for the incident

Those facing a probation violation charge should immediately speak with a Tolleson attorney to resolve the situation.


A Tolleson probation violation attorney works to obtain evidence that convinces the court to continue a person’s probation. This includes working with probation officers to dissuade them from filing charges with the court and presenting information on behalf of the probationer.

The potential punishments depend on the nature of the violation. Technical violations, such as failing to report to a probation officer at a scheduled time or not paying for services, may result in an extension of probation or closer monitoring. Violations of specific terms, such as failing a drug test, can result in a total revocation of probation.

Alleged violations can also lead to more severe consequences, including new and harsher probation terms or even time in jail. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our skilled lawyers can work to show that the alleged violation was not as it appeared or that an emergency justified an absence from a probation meeting.


The experienced attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group understand the importance of your freedom and the impact a probation violation can have on your life. Our Tolleson probation violation lawyers have helped others in your situation defend their rights and resolve their cases positively. We are prepared to help you through this difficult time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can fight for your way of life.

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