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Tolleson Solicitation Attorney

If you have been arrested for solicitation in Tolleson, Arizona, it is essential to understand the potential consequences. A conviction can result in hefty fines and jail time and could negatively affect background and credit checks. Without proper legal representation, you may face damage to your career, financial opportunities, and personal reputation.

State laws covering solicitation are vague, leaving many of the decisions to city laws and ordinances. Because a conviction for solicitation will remain on your record, you need to contact the experienced lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group as soon as possible. Our Tolleson solicitation attorneys have experience handling these types of cases and know how to prepare a strong defense strategy to secure optimal results.


Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-1002 says that a person commits solicitation if they intend to promote the commission of a crime and conspire with another person to commit a misdemeanor or felony. Most often, solicitation is associated with prostitution or sexual offenses.

Each municipality and county may have its own laws or ordinances regarding sexual crimes and solicitation. Tolleson’s ordinance for prostitution also includes solicitation. The City of Tolleson’s Code of Ordinances § 7-1-14 states that it is unlawful to:

  • Practice prostitution
  • Solicit any person
  • Visit or patronize a prostitute

Those charged under Tolleson’s ordinance on prostitution and solicitation should seek help from a nearby lawyer as soon as possible. The Tolleson attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group will aggressively argue on behalf of those accused of solicitation to fight for a fair outcome.


The penalties for a solicitation conviction may be determined by the severity of the offense and the number of prior convictions on the defendant’s record. A person could be charged with a Class 3 misdemeanor for a first offense, with the classification escalating for multiple convictions. A knowledgeable attorney can further explain what penalties a Tolleson resident might face for a solicitation charge.


Each case is different, and our seasoned solicitation attorneys work diligently to prepare the best defense strategy for the situation. Often, solicitation charges result from a police sting. Legal counsel can investigate the case for any violations of rights by the police. These could include:

  • A failure to read Miranda rights
  • Lack of a warrant before a search
  • Police harassment or threats during the investigation

Regardless of the specific circumstances, a Tolleson solicitation lawyer works to gather evidence that can protect the defendant and prove their innocence.


Arizona laws can be strict on fines and possible jail time for solicitation charges, which often accompany prostitution charges as well. Since Tolleson has its own city ordinances for prostitution cases, it is essential that you contact a legal team well-versed in the local legal systems.

The Tolleson solicitation lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group are former prosecutors who know how to prepare a defense and stand up to the prosecution. Do not try to fight your charges alone. Contact us today to get the seasoned and dedicated legal support you need.

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