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Tolleson Spousal Abuse Defense Attorney

Any allegation of violence against another is a serious matter. However, accusations that you harmed or threatened your spouse can come with additional repercussions. These charges are instances of domestic violence, where the mere allegation of wrongdoing can have significant consequences. Long before you face conviction at trial, a spousal abuse allegation can lead to a restraining order that forces you to leave your home or cease contact with your family.

When the stakes are this high, you need representation from a Tolleson spousal abuse lawyer. The diligent attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can defend you against the core criminal charges and fight back against restrictive restraining orders to protect your freedom.


Spousal abuse is an example of domestic violence under state law. According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3601, it is against the law to cause physical harm or issue threats to a member of a person’s household. A spouse certainly fits this definition. These charges can allege various criminal offenses committed against one’s spouse. Common examples include:

The knowledgeable attorneys at our firm can provide more information about the legal concept of spousal violence and work to defeat the charges.


People facing domestic violence charges may be looking at simultaneous allegations involving assault, stalking, or sexual abuse. The combined penalties for these convictions could come with hefty fines and significant prison sentences. Several factors can also lead to potential aggravated penalties; for example, Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3601 says that if the alleged victim is pregnant, the court may consider this in sentencing.


However, criminal penalties are not the only potential punishments that can accompany charges for intimate partner violence. Courts also have the power and discretion to issue temporary restraining orders against the defendant. These can go into effect during the arraignment and last until the end of the case. A conviction could see these orders go into permanent effect.

Our Tolleson spousal abuse lawyers can contest the necessity of these orders from the onset of a case. Solid legal representation could help a person remain in their home, go to work, and keep in contact with their children.


When you face charges for spousal abuse, you must act swiftly to protect yourself and your freedom. Whether the allegations involve assault, stalking, or other criminal offenses, a conviction can bring severe criminal penalties that impact every part of your life.

Additionally, courts can implement restraining orders before you are convicted. These can make it difficult or impossible to remain in your home, go to work, or care for your children. If you are convicted of domestic violence, these orders may become permanent.

Do not take any chances when your freedom and way of life are at stake. Let a Tolleson spousal abuse lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group handle your case and work to protect your rights. We can explain the charges in your case, investigate the allegations, evaluate the State’s evidence, and promote a powerful defense in and out of court. Contact our firm today to learn more.

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