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Tolleson Child Abuse Attorney

Those facing charges related to child abuse face an uphill battle in court. Not only could a criminal conviction result in a mandatory minimum prison sentence, but it could also jeopardize your ability to spend time with your loved ones. With these high stakes, it is essential to approach your case from a position of strength.

Hiring a Tolleson child abuse lawyer to handle your case is a step in the right direction. The dedicated attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can explain the state’s laws and what a prosecutor must prove. Our team fights to protect your freedom and way of life against these allegations.


The child abuse laws in Tolleson and throughout Arizona are meant to protect kids. While no state statute uses the term “child abuse,” law enforcement and prosecutors have other methods of punishing this alleged behavior. Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3623 defines the offense of intentionally allowing a child to come to harm or be in a dangerous situation. The law defines three categories for this offense, each with unique penalties.

The most severe examples are Class 2 felonies. These charges apply when the alleged victim is under the age of 15. Here, even a first felony conviction brings a minimum prison sentence of three years if mitigating factors exist. Aggravating factors could extend the sentence to as long as 12.5 years.

Elements that could affect the severity of the potential penalties include the child’s age, the extent of their injuries, and whether the defendant acted intentionally. Our experienced local attorneys can provide further information about the state’s child abuse laws.


The potential criminal punishments for convictions under the state’s child abuse laws are harsh. However, these allegations have other possible consequences, some of which may affect a defendant long before trial. For instance, the courts can impose restrictive restraining orders on people facing abuse allegations. During an arraignment, the court may order a defendant to cease all contact with an alleged victim for the length of the case. If the case results in a conviction, these orders may remain in effect for the foreseeable future. This could require a person to move out of their home and prevent them from seeing their family.

A skilled child abuse lawyer in Tolleson can contest these orders and work to protect a person’s way of life. A successful defense could allow the defendant to remain with their family while the case is pending.


Every moment that passes after an arrest for child abuse is critical. Courts have the power to enact restraining orders that limit your contact with the alleged victim and may force you to move out of your home. By contacting a Tolleson child abuse lawyer early on, you can contest these orders and begin building a strong defense against the allegations.

Contact our legal team, and let us get to work helping you. Grand Canyon Law Group can fight against the criminal charges at the core of the case and work to prevent protective orders that limit your freedom. Speak with our attorneys now to learn more.

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