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Arizona Robbery Attorney

Robbery is a serious offense in Arizona. Punishments can be severe, and charges grow more complicated if the prosecution alleges that violence was involved. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when facing these kinds of accusations.

The circumstances giving rise to robbery charges, however, are complicated and can be contested. A skilled Arizona robbery lawyer can work with you to bring the accusations against you into question. To get started on your defense, reach out to a knowledgeable theft attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group.


Robbery is a charge that is taken quite seriously by Arizona courts. However, the process of proving that a defendant engaged in robbery can be complicated. Under state law, the prosecution must prove that the defendant did all of the following:

  • Came into possession of another party’s property
  • Procured the property in question while in the immediate or direct presence of said party
  • Possessed the property against the will of the other party
  • Used force, threats, or coercion to either convince the prosecution to give them the property or reduce resistance at the time of the robbery

The State often struggles to prove all of the required elements and a defendant can work with a seasoned attorney to challenge each of these elements. If the prosecution cannot prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant engaged in all of the above behaviors, a Defendant cannot be convicted of Robbery.


The use of violence and personal proximity distinguishes Theft from Robbery in Arizona. Robberies, as mentioned, must take place within reasonable proximity of the offended party. Additionally, the prosecution must prove that the victim was aware of the robbery taking place in order for a Defendant to be convicted. According to Arizona Revised Statute 13-1802, there is no need for the prosecution to prove awareness in a case involving Theft. These charges are similar and often confused, so it is best to consult with a knowledgeable attorney who can explain the nature of the robbery charges one might be facing.


Robbery is a Class 4 Felony under state law. A conviction could result in three to four years of prison time in addition to probation, counseling, and fines.

Each court will consider the potential consequences for an alleged robbery depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. For example, incidents of robbery involving a weapon, as established by Arizona Revised Statute §13-1904, will cause a Class 4 Felony to be elevated to a Class 2 Felony. In turn, the defendant’s potential prison time jumps to 12.5 years.

It is important to note that these sentences are for first-time offenses. Parties with pre-existing criminal records can face elevated consequences depending on the severity of their previous convictions. Given the severity of the potential consequences of a Robbery conviction, it is in the best interests of anyone facing charges to consult with a seasoned attorney to put together a good defense.


Robbery charges can result in more than just time in prison. Because Arizona’s laws regarding Robbery are so severe, accused parties risk damage to their livelihood, reputation, and more.

An Arizona Robbery lawyer can help you overcome the accusations made against you. The dedicated team at Grand Canyon Law Group is committed to ensuring your rights are protected and can help you build a defense that accounts for the unique facts of your situation. If you are facing charges for Robbery, contact us today to get started on your case.

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