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Avondale Sex Crimes Attorney

Prosecutors are known for aggressively pursuing convictions in sex-based offenses. This is their job, but the stigma associated with these cases often increases the pressure felt by the state. This can lead to arrests in cases where the evidence is lacking.

When you have been accused of sexual wrongdoing, it is crucial that you take immediate steps to protect your rights – like calling Grand Canyon Law Group NOW. A skilled criminal defense attorney could advise you during this difficult time. Instead of entering a guilty plea right away, consider discussing your options with our Avondale sex crimes lawyer. We have former prosecutors on our team who know what the other side will attempt to do to prove their case – and we can plan for it accordingly.


Arizona law recognizes a wide range of sexually-based offenses. Being charged with any of them can have a harmful impact on a person’s life and career, and that is before any conviction is determined. Being found guilty on these charges will typically result in life-changing consequences that have long-term effects on the defendant. A sex crimes attorney in Avondale could attempt to build a winning defense against the follow allegations.


This offense involves intentionally exposing sensitive areas of the body while other people are present. It is generally done without regard as to whether or not those people would be offended by it. Indecent exposure arrests typically occur in public, but they can happen on private property as well. There are exceptions built into the law for breastfeeding mothers.


Commonly referred to as rape in most jurisdiction, this offense is one of the most serious sex crimes in Avondale or anywhere in Arizona. The charge involves allegations of intentionally engaging in sexual intercourse with another person without their consent. This includes situations where consent cannot be given, like with people who are impaired or under the age of majority. Sexual assault is always treated as a felony, and a conviction leads to a permanent spot in the sex offender registry, so it is crucial to get representation ASAP.


This charge relates to sexual intercourse or contact with an individual that is under the age of 18. While it is always treated as a felony, sexual conduct with a minor carries steeper penalties under certain circumstances. Examples include when alleged victims are under the age of 15, or when the accused is in a position of power.


In addition to jail time and fines, a person convicted of certain offenses must also register as a sex offender. This registry compiles the personal information of all people convicted of these crimes and provides it to the public.

A person convicted of a sex crime in Avondale must register immediately and must also update their information—particularly their home address—any time it changes. Offenders on the registry are required to carry unique driver’s licenses. If they intend to travel to another state, they must notify that jurisdiction if they will be there for more than 10 days.

Being removed from the registry can be possible, but this outcome is rare. It is only an option for relatively minor offenses and is typically reserved for individuals who were young at the time of their arrest.


Being accused of sexual misconduct is a worst-case scenario for most people. When these allegations lead to an arrest, it can feel hopeless, but the reality is that a positive outcome is often possible with the right attorney at your side.

You are entitled to a vigorous defense. Reach out NOW to an Avondale sex crimes lawyer today to learn more – the Grand Canyon Law Group exists to protect your rights and your future.

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