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Getting into college is a major achievement in life, and it can provide students with a clear path towards a rewarding career. Unfortunately, a single mistake could derail a student’s education and even lead to criminal charges.

If you or a student in your life is facing serious allegations on campus, a dedicated defense attorney could help. Grand Canyon Law Group can assist with avoiding criminal charges and even guide you in academic disciplinary hearings as well. Let an Avondale student defense lawyer review your situation as soon as possible and advise you on how to proceed.


The unfortunate reality is that young people frequently face criminal arrest and prosecution for acts they committed on campus. This is the case for students in colleges and universities across the country. While there are no limits on the types of offenses a student might commit, some charges are more common than others.

One of the most common reasons for an arrest is driving while intoxicated. College might be a time to socialize and experiment, but it can also be a period of bad decisions. The choice to get behind the wheel could result in an arrest after a night out of partying and drinking.

Students also frequently face property crimes. From theft to vandalism, these arrests could result from an intentional act, reckless behavior, or even an honest mistake. It is important that you call an Avondale student defense attorney right away to serve as an advocate and represent you in court. Other serious offenses a student could be involved in might include:

As former prosecutors, the team at Grand Canyon Law Group knows how the state will investigate and charge these crimes, and we use that knowledge to our advantage.


When a student faces allegations of wrongdoing, they might be at risk for more than an arrest. Colleges and universities have their own disciplinary procedures, and certain behaviors might be forbidden in the official code of conduct, whether or not they are also illegal. This can include cheating and other academic violations, as well as sex-based misbehavior that violates Title IX.

Sometimes these disciplinary cases result from a criminal arrest. Other times the school might conduct their own disciplinary hearing to determine if penalties are appropriate. In either situation, it is extremely important to speak with legal counsel.

The consequences that can result from these proceedings are often severe. While some students might lose out on scholarships or find themselves barred from participating in extracurricular activities, others may face suspension or outright expulsion.


One of the challenges that students face is that they have no expectation of privacy when it comes to on-campus disciplinary hearings. Should they choose to testify on their own behalf in the hopes of fending off any penalties leveled by the school, they could open themselves up to criminal charges. This is because anything said at these hearings could be used by the state if the alleged conduct meets the standard of a criminal offense.

No one should have to decide how to proceed on their own. A campus defense attorney in Avondale can provide counsel on the pros and cons of aggressively fighting back in a disciplinary hearing or taking steps that are more likely to result in avoiding criminal prosecution.


Students will need help from an experienced and diligent legal team when they are accused of academic violations or committing a criminal offense on campus. While serious allegations of wrongdoing can be overwhelming to navigate, there are important things you can do to avoid a conviction. Grand Canyon Law Group can put you in a position to get the best possible outcome in your case. Call an Avondale student defense lawyer today to learn more – your or your child’s academic career is at stake!

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