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All arrests for alleged criminal activity are serious matters that can affect every part of your life. However, state law separates offenses into two categories: felonies and misdemeanors. While misdemeanors are less severe, convictions will still create a criminal record and could require you to spend time in jail. It is critical that you be prepared to defend yourself at the earliest opportunity.

Talking with a Scottsdale misdemeanor lawyer today is the first step in achieving a positive outcome for your case. The seasoned legal team at Grand Canyon Law Group can investigate the reasons for your arrest, determine the best possible defense, and stand by your side during every court appearance.


A misdemeanor arrest is an allegation of a criminal offense that is less serious than a felony. Nevertheless, a conviction can still come with harsh consequences.

State law under Arizona Revised Statute § 13-707 separates misdemeanors into three main categories:

  • Class 1 misdemeanors that can bring a jail sentence of up to six months and a fine of up to $2,500
  • Class 2 misdemeanors with potential jail sentences of up to four months in jail
  • Class 3 misdemeanors with a maximum jail sentence of 30 days

A first conviction for a misdemeanor is unlikely to result in jail time. Still, convictions will create a criminal record that could impact one’s ability to get a job or proper housing. Our Scottsdale attorneys can provide more information about misdemeanor charges and how a conviction could affect a person’s life.


Misdemeanor cases describe a variety of criminal allegations. In general, these charges can apply to instances involving property damage, public disturbance, or endangerment of others’ safety.

A simple example is an assault. Under AZ Rev. Stat. § 13-1203, an assault involves causing physical injury to another through intentional acts, placing another person at a reasonable fear of harm, or touching another in a way meant to provoke a response. In most examples, an assault is a misdemeanor.

Other common examples of misdemeanor criminal allegations in Scottsdale include:

Regardless of the circumstances, our local misdemeanor lawyers are ready to build a powerful defense. This may involve working toward a fair plea deal that avoids jail time or obtaining evidence that aims to defeat a prosecutor’s case in court. Talking with an attorney today allows them to evaluate the case and identify realistic goals moving forward.


If you are facing allegations that you have committed a misdemeanor offense, you need to act swiftly to protect yourself and your way of life. Every moment following an arrest is crucial, and police officers pursue misdemeanor cases just as vigorously as felonies. Having the right attorney by your side as soon as possible can help protect your rights.

Contact a Scottsdale misdemeanor lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group today. We are ready to explain the laws that control your case, evaluate the evidence that a prosecutor intends to bring to court, and present arguments before judges and juries that help protect your way of life. Give us a call today for a consultation.

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