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Tolleson Diversion Programs/Alternative Sentencing

Being charged with a crime can be terrifying, especially if it is your first time dealing with the legal system. However, you might be eligible for a diversion program to help you avoid severe criminal penalties and preserve your future prospects. These programs offer supervised community-based treatment, education, and services instead of jail. Prosecutors dismiss charges upon completion of the program.

Diversion programs in Tolleson have varying eligibility requirements and are not available for everyone who faces criminal charges. People with extensive criminal histories are often ineligible. However, if you are an appropriate candidate, a seasoned attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group can work to persuade the prosecutor to allow you to enroll.


Prosecutors recognize that many people commit crimes because of underlying issues like addiction or mental health challenges. Punishing the person without addressing the underlying issues often leads the person to re-offend, and the taxpayers must bear the cost of prosecuting and jailing a person repeatedly. The community also loses the potential contributions the offender might have made to society if properly rehabilitated.

Diversion programs are a way to offer carefully screened offenders an opportunity to address their underlying issues outside of jail or prison. Arizona Revised Statute §11-361 allows a County Attorney to determine who may participate in a diversion program. Prosecutors defer charges to give the offender time to complete diversion and will dismiss them if the person graduates from the program.

Maricopa County has authorized multiple diversion programs to address various issues. The programs are often challenging, and not everyone completes them. Prosecutors reinstate charges if an offender drops out of a diversion program or is expelled. Sometimes, a Tolleson attorney could help a person get back into a diversion program after dropping out. However, reinstatement is not guaranteed.


The county has authorized several programs to offer services to people who commit specific traffic infractions, misdemeanors, or low-level felony offenses. Our dedicated lawyers in Tolleson can inform an individual of their eligibility for one of these programs.


Individuals charged with specific misdemeanor offenses or citations could be eligible for Justice Court diversion. The offender undergoes an evaluation and takes eight hours of classroom study in one of two tracks—one deals with issues related to substance misuse, and the other covers impulse control and anger management. The offender has 90 days to complete the course.


Sometimes, victims of domestic violence become offenders because they cannot manage their trauma response. This program treats certain people charged with low-level domestic violence offenses who have been victims of domestic violence and offers assessment, cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, and other services as needed. The program is tailored to the individual, but prosecution could be suspended for up to two years while the individual participates in the program.


Parents facing lower-level child abuse or endangerment charges could participate in a program to teach them self-control, self-awareness, and other important skills. Prosecutors defer prosecution for up to two years while the parent is involved in the program.


Diversion is often available to young people facing a first or second misdemeanor or first drug charge in juvenile court. The offender, their parent or guardian, and the Juvenile Probation Officer decide which diversion option is appropriate in a specific case. The charges will be adjusted if the juvenile completes the assigned diversion.


The Felony Diversion Program offers individualized treatment and assistance to people facing drug possession and other low-level felonies. Participants receive assessment, screening, and treatment if substance abuse is a significant factor. Offenders without significant substance abuse issues receive cognitive behavioral therapy and other intervention and services as appropriate.

The county offers similar programs for people facing low-level felony charges with a diagnosis of developmental disability. After an evaluation, the offender receives targeted services to improve their behavioral, communication, social, and life skills. Offenders with a diagnosis of serious mental illness could be eligible for a program that provides cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, and supportive services as needed.

Veterans who received an honorable or general discharge could participate in the Veteran’s Diversion Program that the county manages with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The program helps veterans with substance misuse, PTSD, depression, domestic violence, and other issues related to military trauma. The local attorneys at our firm can further explain the various diversion program options for those facing felony charges.


Social and medical issues have a proven relationship to some criminal offenses. Diversion programs give an offender a chance to address those issues. If they are successful, the prosecutor dismisses the charges.

Speak with the legal team at Grand Canyon Law Group to find out more about diversion programs in Tolleson. If you qualify, we could work with the prosecutor to enroll you in a program that will provide you with the skills and services you need to succeed. Contact us today to learn how we can fight for you and your way of life.

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