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Scottsdale Federal Drug Crime Attorney

Certain charges for selling, manufacturing, or distributing illegal drugs across the US border or state lines are prosecuted federally. Typically, the federal government goes after larger-scale distribution cases involving networks of drug distributors. At the state level, they are more concentrated on individual possession and local dealers.

The sentences for drug crimes in federal court can be significantly longer than in state court. Anyone facing federal drug charges in Scottsdale should seek immediate legal counsel to begin building a robust defense. The skilled attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group are former prosecutors who know how to contest the charges against you and protect your rights.


The DEA and the FBI primarily handle federal drug cases. These agencies use many investigative techniques for substance-related offenses, including search warrants, wiretaps, electronic devices on vehicles, paid informants, and undercover officers.

Cases at the state level will typically center on evidence like testimony from the officer about their interactions with the defendant. For instance, many drug possession charges result from traffic stops; in these situations, the prosecution may discuss a vehicle search, lab results, and officers’ observations to prove their case in court.

Federal drug cases are more complex, and the prosecution may introduce many forms of evidence in court. This could include:

  • Testimony from informants and undercover officers
  • Photographs and videos
  • Evidence collected through search warrants
  • Phone calls and wiretap recordings
  • Data from GPS trackers and travel records
  • Lab results
  • Records of accounts or transactions
  • Scales or packaging materials

Our seasoned lawyers in Scottsdale know how to analyze the evidence and build tailored defenses to federal drug charges.


The federal sentencing guidelines for drug offenses depend on a person’s criminal history, degree of involvement, the category or type of drug, and whether they cooperate with the government. A skilled attorney at our Scottsdale office can analyze the specifics of the federal drug case to determine the potential sentence. In any situation, however, the stakes are high.

A defendant faces lengthy prison terms and hefty fines. Even after serving their sentence, they may be on parole for many years. Additionally, the conviction will remain on their record forever. Working with a lawyer experienced in federal drug cases is crucial to avoiding these consequences.


A savvy federal drug attorney will look at the entire situation to determine an appropriate avenue for defense, such as a constitutional issue or gap in the investigation. One option is to focus on the person’s level of involvement. If they were minimally involved or cooperated with the federal government on the case, they may face more lenient sentencing.

Another option is to look for constitutional issues in the case, such as Fourth and Fifth Amendment violations. Perhaps the police lacked sufficient probable cause or basis to search and seize specific items. Maybe they took statements or confessions in violation of a suspect’s Miranda rights. In these situations, our Scottsdale lawyers can work to get the evidence removed from the federal drug case, leaving the prosecutors in a difficult position.


Federal courts have different procedures, judges, and prosecutors from state courts. When you face federal charges, you need representation from someone who understands how these cases operate.

Grand Canyon Law Group is skilled at handling federal drug charges in Scottsdale. We know how to find the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and use them to our client’s advantage. Do not take any chances with your future when the stakes are this high. Call our firm today to get experienced legal counsel on your side.

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