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Certain criminal charges may result from scenarios when no illegal actions have occurred. One prime example of this is the charge of conspiracy. Under state law, it is illegal to agree to commit a crime in concert with another person.

If you are facing these types of charges, a Glendale conspiracy at Grand Canyon Law Group is here to help. Our seasoned attorneys can explain the concept of conspiracy under criminal law and develop a defense against the harsh penalties that can accompany these convictions.


Conspiracy is one of a few examples under state law where police may make an arrest, and prosecutors may pursue charges even if the defendant has not done anything illegal. Conspiracy describes a situation where two or more people agree to work together to commit a crime. It is helpful to understand the state’s exact conspiracy statute to evaluate why an arrest for conspiracy may have occurred.

According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-1003, it is illegal for two or more people to take any step toward the commission of a crime when they have agreed to act in concert. This cannot involve simply making an agreement to commit an act. Instead, the statute specifies that the people allegedly involved must take a substantial step toward achieving this goal.

For example, two people may discuss committing a burglary against someone else. If these people then work to get the target out of the home, obtain weapons, or plan an escape route, there may be sufficient cause to make an arrest alleging a conspiracy. Our Glendale conspiracy attorneys can further explain this complex concept and build a tailored defense for the charges.


State law says that people who act in a conspiracy face the same level of potential punishment as those who act alone. For instance, if the two people mentioned above conspire to commit a burglary of a residence, they face Class 3 felony charges. These are the same penalties as if the burglary had actually occurred.

However, there are many potential defenses to conspiracy charges, as our seasoned local attorneys can attest. It is crucial to work with the right legal counsel in aggressively defending these charges to avoid severe penalties and protect one’s future.


It can be difficult to understand why you are facing criminal charges when it appears you have done nothing to violate the law. However, the state’s conspiracy charges can punish people who take entirely legal actions in concert with others that appear to work toward a criminal purpose. Convictions can result in criminal penalties identical to the agreed-upon crime, even though the act never occurred. These situations often result from misunderstandings, making it essential to reach out to an attorney as soon as possible.

A Glendale conspiracy lawyer can help you craft a defense against these serious allegations. This may involve disputing whether you were in agreement with others to commit an eventual crime or explaining the legal intent behind certain actions. Call Grand Canyon Law Group today to get the dedicated legal representation you need to protect your way of life.

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