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Glendale Post-Conviction Relief Attorney

Arizona has harsh laws for sentencing following criminal convictions. In many cases, a judge may have no choice but to impose a lengthy jail or prison sentence. The state’s sentencing guidelines allow judges to consider mitigating or aggravating factors when determining the length of incarceration. Because of this, people convicted for similar offenses may receive vastly different sentences.

If you believe the outcome of your case was unfair, speak with a Glendale post-conviction relief lawyer. This legal process allows you to ask a new court to consider the fairness of your case’s outcome. Through post-conviction relief, you may be able to obtain a new trial or an outright acquittal. Discuss your situation with an experienced attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group to learn your legal options.


Receiving a criminal conviction is a major event in a person’s life that can lead to a lengthy prison sentence. However, this does not need to be the final outcome of the case.

A petition for post-conviction relief asks a new court to consider whether the punishment in the case was fair. This may be appropriate if new evidence has come to light that calls the verdict into question. It may also be possible to argue that a judge’s error during the trial resulted in an unfair outcome. Arizona Rule of Criminal Procedure 32.1 provides a full outline of when these petitions may be possible.

A successful petition for post-conviction relief can result in various outcomes. It may convince a court to shorten a prison term. It may also allow a person to receive a new trial. In the most successful examples, it will result in an outright acquittal. Our knowledgeable attorneys in Glendale can further explain the potential benefits and process of filing a petition for post-conviction relief.


Post-conviction relief can significantly improve a person’s prospects and future. However, there are strict legal processes to keep in mind. A seasoned attorney at our firm can help navigate the process of pursuing post-conviction relief.

The first step is to file a Notice Requesting Post-Conviction Relief with the primary trial court. This must include information about the defendant, their case, and why post-conviction relief is appropriate. This notice must be at the court no more than 90 days after the sentence is handed down.

Next, the defendant and their lawyer must file a formal Petition for Post-Conviction Relief. This petition must provide full information and legal backing for the requested outcome. It will also include the specific relief a person seeks, such as a new trial or shorter sentence. The Glendale attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group are experienced in drafting post-conviction relief petitions and filing them with the appropriate courts.


Everyone has the right to proper due process in court. This includes the right to seek redress after an unfair conviction or sentence. If you believe your sentence is unjust or your trial involved legal errors, post-conviction relief may be possible.

A Glendale post-conviction relief lawyer is here to help you seek justice. The attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can help determine if your petition is likely to succeed. If so, we can take the lead in filing the necessary paperwork with the courts and fighting for your future. Reach out to us as soon as possible, as state law gives you a limited amount of time to pursue relief.

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