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In certain situations, you are legally required to tell the truth. This includes scenarios involving court testimonies or when providing information on official documents. The accuracy of this information is so important that state law makes it a crime to knowingly make false statements.

Perjury is a serious matter in Arizona. Convictions are felonies that can lead to several years in prison, making it crucial to work with a savvy attorney on your defense. A Glendale perjury lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group will fight to prevent these harsh penalties. We can explain the state’s perjury laws, evaluate the statements that led to an arrest, and work to develop a defense that creates reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors.


In general, a person commits perjury when they make a false statement while obligated to tell the truth. However, state law expands on this basic concept when defining the criminal offense of perjury.

According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-2702, a person commits criminal perjury when they provide a false sworn statement or declaration while believing that statement to be false. These charges may result from many scenarios. The most obvious is while under oath during a trial or other court proceeding. However, it may also be possible to face prosecution for perjury during depositions, in affidavits, or when seeking government benefits. A Glendale attorney at our firm can provide further information about how state law defines the concept of perjury.


A simple reading of the perjury statute may make it seem like any incorrect statement during an official proceeding could lead to prosecution and a conviction. However, this is not the case.

Prosecutors pursuing perjury charges must be able to show that a defendant knew that a statement was false when they made it. Because of this, a simple mistake or poor recollection of an event is not against the law. Perjury involves a person knowingly making a false statement with the intent to deceive another. Our dedicated lawyers can use this concept of law to create powerful defenses against perjury charges.


Perjury is a felony under state law. More specifically, convictions are Class 4 felonies. This means that even if a person has no prior felony convictions and mitigating circumstances exist, the judge must sentence a guilty party to no less than one year in prison.

If aggravating circumstances exist, the sentence may extend to as long as 3.75 years. In addition, a person with prior felony convictions is likely to receive an even longer punishment. Our skilled lawyers can explain the potential penalties for a perjury conviction in Glendale and fight to minimize the impact on a defendant’s way of life.


Allegations of perjury must be taken seriously. If a prosecutor can prove that you knowingly provided a false statement while under an obligation to tell the truth, this will result in a felony conviction that comes with mandatory prison time. It is essential that you understand what these charges mean and how to protect yourself.

Hiring a Glendale perjury lawyer to handle the case is your best option. The legal team at Grand Canyon Law Group can explain the legal definition of perjury and what a prosecutor must prove to obtain a conviction. We will evaluate the facts that led to an arrest and fight tirelessly to protect your rights, freedom, and future. Speak with us today to get started.

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