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Glendale Drug DUI Attorney

While alcohol is the most common substance involved in DUI arrests, state law makes no meaningful distinction between impairment from alcohol and drug impairment. As the law is written, the standards police officers must meet to arrest someone for drug DUI are sometimes less strict and more subjective than those justifying a DUI charge based on alcohol consumption.

Effectively contesting a drug DUI charge can be challenging, and representation from an experienced attorney is crucial to securing a favorable outcome. If you were pulled over and arrested for driving while high, contacting a Glendale drug DUI lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group should be your top priority.


Arizona state law addresses alcohol DUIs and drug DUIs under Arizona Revised Statute §28-1381. Both offenses carry broadly the same penalties upon conviction. A police officer can arrest someone and charge them with DUI if they believe the driver was “impaired to the slightest degree” by any intoxicating substance, regardless of the type of substance or even whether it was a legal drug.

When it comes to DUI charges based on blood, breath, or saliva tests, there is a crucial distinction between those built around alcohol and drug intoxication. While the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent for most drivers, someone can be charged with and convicted of a drug DUI if any amount of any drug is detected in their body while they are in actual physical control of a vehicle. This includes any chemical byproducts of their body metabolizing the drug in question.

In some ways, the standards for a “per se” drug DUI are lower than those for alcohol DUIs. Since the byproducts of many drugs remain in the body long after their intoxicating effects fade away, someone can be arrested for drug DUI even if they are not at all impaired. In these situations, representation from a seasoned Glendale attorney at our firm is crucial to effectively contest the drug DUI charges.


As our local attorneys can explain, first-time drug DUI offenders are subject to the following sanctions upon conviction:

  • 10 days of jail time—with nine potentially eligible for suspension based on completion of drug screening and treatment—up to a maximum six-month term
  • A minimum $1,250 fine up to a maximum of $2,500, plus additional surcharges
  • Potential probation for up to five years
  • Driver’s license revocation for 90 days
  • Traffic survival school
  • Potential installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) for one year
  • Potential community service

Repeat offenders are subject to increased jail terms, fines, and license suspensions; individuals convicted three or more times within seven years may have their charge upgraded from a misdemeanor to a felony. Those facing any level of drug DUI charge in Glendale need immediate representation from our savvy attorneys.


Arizona law enforcement officers tend to crack down harshly on those accused of operating a motor vehicle while impaired by any kind of intoxicating substance, including illegal and prescription drugs. If you were arrested on suspicion of driving while high, seeking help from seasoned legal counsel could make a world of difference in the outcome of your case.

Guidance is available from start to finish of your legal proceedings from a Glendale drug DUI lawyer at our firm. Call Grand Canyon Law Group today to schedule a consultation.

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