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Intentionally having sexual contact with someone without their consent is considered sexual abuse and a crime with significant consequences. In addition to a potential prison sentence, a person with a conviction for this type of sex crime faces the lifelong stigma of having a record as a sex offender.

Anyone facing sexual abuse charges should contact a dedicated criminal defense attorney immediately. A Glendale sexual abuse lawyer from the Grand Canyon Law Group can protect your rights, work to build a powerful defense, and advocate tenaciously on your behalf. Reach out today to begin reviewing the details of your case.


Arizona Statutes § 13-1404 describes the actions that could lead to sexual abuse charges. A person must make sexual contact with another individual who is at least 15 years old without their consent. Sexual contact in these terms means intentionally touching or manipulating the genitals, anus, or female breasts.

The sexual contact could be between any part of the alleged offender’s body and the private parts of the alleged victim’s body. The acts could be direct or indirect, and skin-to-skin contact is not necessary. For example, snapping a towel against a person’s genitals could constitute sexual abuse.

Because the definition of sexual abuse is so broad, it encompasses many situations where there may have been no intentional attempt to make sexual contact. In such cases, an accused person might believe they can explain what happened from their perspective, and the police will drop the matter. However, doing so is unwise, and anyone facing sexual abuse charges should invoke their right to remain silent and wait until their Glendale attorney is present before answering questions.


Unfortunately, a person could face a sexual abuse charge for an inadvertent or accidental instance of physical contact. Sometimes a person faces sexual abuse charges when they believed they had the alleged victim’s consent.

If the alleged victim was over 18 at the time of the incident and there is evidence that the two people involved had a romantic relationship, a Glendale defense attorney could raise the consent defense. This could also be an option even if the two parties just met but shared a mutual attraction.

The accused also could assert that they had no sexual intent when making contact and that their actions were accidental or intentional but not sexual. For example, making contact with a woman’s breast while pushing her out of range of danger might be deliberate conduct that was not sexually motivated. Additionally, our advocates could assert that the alleged victim made a false report in certain instances.


Sexual abuse is a Class 5 dangerous felony if the victim is 15 or older. The presumptive sentence for a first offender convicted of a Class 5 felony is three years in prison, with a possible range of two to four years. If the offender has one prior conviction, the presumptive sentence is five years, and with two prior convictions, the presumptive sentence is seven years in prison.

Someone convicted of sexual abuse of a person under 15 faces a Class 3 dangerous felony charge and sentencing for a dangerous act involving a child under Arizona Statutes § 13-705.

If the alleged victim was under 18 when the incident occurred, the offender must register as a sex offender. Registration as a sex offender requires a person to provide the sheriff in their county of residence with updated contact information and immediately notify them whenever the information changes. The obligation to maintain information on the sex offender registry is lifelong. Our Glendale attorneys can discuss the specific sentencing implications of a case at length during a private meeting and help you save your way of life after an accusation of sexual abuse.


An act that fits within the state’s definition of sexual abuse could happen accidentally or without intent to make sexual contact. Yet, the consequences upon conviction are life-altering, and the stigma attached never disappears.

When you face charges this serious, you should work with our seasoned attorneys. At the Grand Canyon Law Group, our Glendale sexual abuse lawyers are former prosecutors who can use their extensive knowledge and experience to help you build the best possible defense. Reach out today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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